Monday, February 14, 2011

Adrien: Grey bags are tricksy.

So, I've wanted a grey bag forever. I love grey - it's my favorite neutral - so it just makes sense that I'd have a grey bag. My first attempt was a pale grey Faridah, but the color was so pale it just looked meh with everything. I sold that puppy.

Then last month I hit up the outlets with Nina and bought this Kate Spade bag (on super clearance) in a pale grey patent. See what I did there? I bought something in the same color that didn't work before. And guess what? Didn't work again. Surprise!

So, last weekend I returned it and that awesome feeling of lightness when you return something you were on the fence about lasted about as long as it took us to walk into the Coach outlet. Oops. But, a bag I'd previously fondled was now marked down 50% off and they handed me an extra 30% off coupon so what was I supposed to do? This bag ended up costing 1/3 of retail and I LOVE IT:

It's grey, but much darker than my first two tries. It's also nicely practical with lots of compartments and pockets.

As usual, every time I buy something new, I feel like I should sell something I'm not getting much use out of, so you might see a few things on the shop blog soon. Stay tuned. Now, the rest of that outfit, just for fun:


bag: Coach Mia Carryall (similar)
dress: BCBG (not really similar, but cute!)
cardigan: Banana Republic (similar)
boots: Camper (similar)


  1. You find THE most amazing deals on super expensive stuff! Love that bag - and I think that dress is my favorite!

  2. In completely love with that dress. Yes, the post was about the bag (and it's very cute, and looks very multifunctional) but really, that dress!