Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Your Questions, We Answer (some of) Them.

Thanks to everyone who's entered the Shopbop giveaway thus far! We've loved reading your questions and will try to answer all of them. First round, the "general" questions:

I'm dying to know how the two of you know each other!

A: We originally met (and instantly bonded) on a now-defunct fashion message board. However, we've now known each other for so long in real life that we sometimes forget our original friendship was virtual.

M: She totally stalked me, don't let her tell you any different.

I'm dying to know why people stopped using the saying "Nice HEAD!"

A:. People said that?

M: I...don't know what that means.

 Is there a waiting list I can get on for Adrien's handbags when she gets tired of them? 

A: No, but if I get tired of one, it might end up on our little shopping page.


Marianne, if your awesome art mysteriously goes missing, will you suspect me?

M: Well, I will NOW.

I'm dying to know what "Nice HEAD" even means.



I want to know how you feel about your MJ Blake and Pocket Satchel bags ladies?

A: I love my Blake because it's the perfect shade of red and it was the first MJ bag I ever really, really, really wanted. It's heavy as shit though, just be warned. Still love it.

M: I bought the pocket satchel from Adrien and I love it. My one wish is that it had a detachable shoulder strap. The color is perfect, though. But yeah, the suede lining makes it super heavy.

Did you guys ever have imaginary friends as children (okay, or now)?

A: No, just imaginary horses.

M: Adrien is my imaginary friend.

Bonus question to Adrien: Did you get to go see Anderson Cooper last night?

A: NO. And I'm bitter.

What IS Marianne's "crazy art"? I've been reading you guys since the beginning, and I feel in the dark on this topic.

M: I am very fortunate to have many talented artists as friends and family and we have a growing art collection. Some of it is a little out there...I'll do a post in the future featuring it, if you are interested!

Adrien - How DO you make your hair look so awesome? 

A: Lots and lots and lots of product. And a blow dryer. And a flat iron. Seriously, my hair should look a lot cuter considering how much work I put into it.

I want to know how BOTH of you have such awesome hair!

M: My hair is tedious, that would take a separate entry. I'll write it up soon!

What's your most embarrassing moment?

A: Every morning when I'm fashion-posing in my front yard. Does that count?

M: Recently a very nice IT guy was working on my computer at work and I lost my balance and kind of...sat in his lap? Then I died.

What is your most weirdest dream lately? 

A: I haven't been remembering my dreams lately! Huh.

M: A pretty boring, but detailed, dream that my parents were making us buy a new mattress. Thrilling!


  1. Apparently, I'm totally showing my regional roots. I had no idea "nice head", emphasis on the "head", wasn't a widely used expression in the 80s. Because it is perfection.


    1. Nice Head

    Function: Exclamation or statement
    Etymology: Canadian, particular to the greater Hamilton (the Hammer) region (Burlington, Stoney Creek, Burlington)

    1. An exclamation of disbelief.
    2. Means that you don't believe something to such a degree that you make an indirect reference to someone's lack of intelligence or ugly head
    When your housemate accuses you of eating all of his peanut butter when you didn't, you exclaim, 'Nice Head!'

    2. Nice Head

    An expression used after a friend says something particularly stupid, potentially by accident, and does not realize it. However, it must be brought to the friend's attention in the form of light-hearted ridicule.
    "I think that I injured my trapezoid muscle at the gym last night."

    "Do you mean your trapezius muscle?"

    "Oh yeah"

    "Nice head!"

  2. Yes, please for an art post- that sounds awesome!

  3. Any recommendations for hair products that cut static and fly-aways but don't make your hair greasy? I'm getting desperate!