Tuesday, December 14, 2021

For Me? I Shouldn't Have.

 A few things I accidentally on purpose bought for myself recently:

My Lafco candle order arrived last week and the Frosted Pine holiday candle is SO SO GOOD and the blown glass container is just beautiful. It's a perfect holiday candle.

I posted last week that Marianne bought the Ilia Dawn set and because I'm a dumb copycat I got the Dusk set so we can compare and contrast. (Also, if sign up for emails/texts and you'll get 15% off! That's what I did.) 

I pre-ordered Jenny Colgan's new book, The Christmas Bookshop and immediately forgot about it so when it showed up in my Kindle I was like, HOLIDAY MAGIC. I'm reading it now and so far it's classic, cozy holiday Colgan. 

I was influenced by another blogger and bought this Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color and it's suuuuper sparkly but I kind of love it? It comes in a very pretty glass pot (you know I love good packaging) and it's got a gel consistency that's oddly compelling and fun. 

Through a random series of events I have purchased a very discounted Dyson Airwrap for Blog Science. Please understand that I know I don't have enough hair for this and it will MOST DEFINITELY make me cry, but for you guys, I am doing this for you. 

Finally, Anthro just put all the Christmas stuff on sale and I really want this flute-playing fox ornament or maybe the hare wearing a top hat? I haven't decided but I feel like it needs to happen. 


  1. I got influenced to buy the jelly shadow too and was not expecting the glitter based on Grace Atwood's pics! But it's festive and I decided that daytime sparkle will just be a thing I do now.

    1. Literally exactly the same. I was like, huh, glitter. And then I was like, YES. GLITTER.

  2. I got an airwrap back at the beginning of the pandemic and thought it was meh at first. Then I changed my hairstyle (beach-y waves anyone?) and it is so much easier than a curling iron! Keep trying. It is terrific once you get the hang of it!

  3. Those ornaments should happen! I think they are super cute.