Thursday, December 23, 2021

Stuff We Like: End of Year Edition.

There's no real theme here but this is probably the last Stuff We Like for 2021. It's a bit all over the place but that's the charm, right? Here we go: 

This Fancy Nail Creme I Can't Stop Using.
My hands are always a disaster but in the winter months things get super sad. My nails crack and break and my cuticles are beyond dry. So, when Marianne gifted me this insanely fancy Dior Creme Abricot nail cream I was like, I WILL USE THIS. And I have been! I slather it on every night before bed (it's sticky but stays put and sinks in) and already my finger tips look better and healthier. It is scented in that rich lady Dior way but the scent fades quickly. ALSO, the packing is very luxe and looks pretty on my bedside table. And, if you order directly from Dior it'll come with very nice samples and a beautiful bag. (And free shipping!) 

These Phone Accessories I Truly Love.
Okay, this is kind of a repeat entry but y'all, I've been using my Burga case paired with a Phone Loop for over a year and both are still 100% the best. In fairness, I'm on my second Loop because they do get kind of grungy but I love that it doesn't budge, I can place it exactly where I want and it lies completely flat. It's a really simple thing but it works. They're on Amazon now but there are a ton more options on the Loops website. As for my Burga case, it wasn't cheap but it's been going strong for a year and still looks great! I used to only buy Speck cases but they always broke and aren't that cute. Burga cases are cute! So much cute! And they hold up. 

These Joggers That Are An Excellent Vuori Dupe.
Okay, listen, I have a Vuori crewneck sweatshirt (see pic above) that I wear A LOT and I love it and it was worth every penny, etc. I very much want a pair of Performance Joggers to go with it but then I discovered Quince made a dupe and I ordered a pair ($34 instead of $84!) and y'all, they are so good. I can't say they're Vuori good but I will say that I'm mad when I can't wear them because they're in the wash. Super soft and comfy and very cute! The perfect at-home lounge pants. (Now, if only they came in dark camo...) 

This Documentary That Lives Up To The Hype.
Okay, so I love the Beatles a lot and spent most of the summer re-acquainting myself with various later albums so I was very excited about the new documentary, Get Back. It's directed by Peter Jackson (who's not known for, um, editing) and is made from 80 hours of footage leftover from the from the Let It Be documentary. It's three episodes, nearly eight hours long in total (I know) and most of that time is just watching them noodle around in the studio. If you've ever dated a musician this might make you want to die on the spot, BUT, if you keep watching, you literally get to see the birth of some of the best songs ever written. Also, it clears up a lot of the rumors and makes clearer some of the tensions that led to their breakup. 

Also! One of the best parts about it is the fashion. YOU GUYS. There are so many wild outfits (purple suits! green fringe jackets! Ringo in floral! George Martin being suave as hell!) and they just keep coming. It's all so good. Some of the greatest outfits were documented here, but really, you should see it for yourself. 

This Savory Cookie Recipe of Marianne's I Can't Believe I Never Shared.
These cheddar shortbread cookies are a tiny legend among Marianne's friends and I make them this time every year. You will need a stand mixer for this but they are SO FREAKING GOOD and perfect paired with a glass of wine. Marianne has a "cookies!" highlight on her IG with directions and tips (and some great substitutions - she exclusively uses dried cherries now but I always do cranberries. You do you!) so check that out. Now, here's the recipe:

Have a great holiday, everyone! Go make some cookies and watch that Beatles documentary. 


  1. A couple of weeks ago I bought two Phone Loops and a Burga case because of your previous recs, so I'm glad they are still on your list! :) Now if I could just activate that phone I've had since October... Merry, Merry!

  2. I will have to get a Burga case. I also recommend Stringberry. Their cases are fun and durable too. Did you share them once? I don't remember where I saw them.


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