Thursday, December 9, 2021

Outfit of the Day: Not Available.

You know what's fun? Posting up an outfit and realizing no part of it is actually available to buy. I am always happy to suggest substitutions but I really, really like this stuff and only this stuff will do! Ugh. Anyway, I might suggest if you have a good thrift store nearby you go there because I have been finding GREAT clothes lately. Here's the outfit:

This is the striped COS top I bought in Ireland and it's so good! It's a nice heavy-weight cotton and it's quite oversized (I'm wearing a small.) It sells out quickly so Everlane's modern breton is probably the closest but I really love this Kule tee. Ugh. Also, COS has lots of striped options for their angry moddles to wear. 

I'm wearing my top with a pair of Lululemon On the Fly pants in black that I thrifted and they're GREAT. I am truly surprised at how great they and naturally they're sold out. (I know they've had the On the Fly collection for a while, so hopefully they'll restock.) I am wearing a size up in these but I love how the material hangs. They're pretty similar to my Athleta Brooklyn Ankle pants but made of a slightly heavier material and I love the drawstring waistband.  

I'm wearing my Gap Utility jacket (remember this?) which is, of course, sold out but how f'ing good is this olive green chore jacket? I also love this cute J.Crew jacket with the metal clasps. Also, um, have you seen this grey Maeve utility coat with the leopard print lining? I WANT ALL THE JACKETS, PLEASE. On to details: 

I know my striped top reads as black and white, but it's actually a very dark navy blue. Proof! I'm wearing my little bird skull necklace from Paxton Gate and an old fishhook pendant necklace by Giles & Brother.

This Clare V Midi Sac is still such a favorite. It's not available of course (that's the theme!) but this green snakeskin version is gorgeous and this natural snake version is half price! My flats are the Everlane Day Glove which, I have to admit, are very comfortable and very weird and I love them a lot. They don't make them in red anymore because of course they don't. Everlane is the actual worst. The end. 

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