Monday, December 6, 2021

Monday Mood: My Favorite Seasonal Candles.

I have a head cold* so I can't smell anything right now, so what a perfect time to tell you about my favorite seasonal candles that I can't smell? I am very, very picky about scented candles - I can't handle anything too fake, too sweet or too food-y, so know that if I swear by a candle, it's probably not going to offend. (But it might! Everyone likes what they like.) Anyway, here are my current favorites for the holiday/winter season:

For the past few years this Balsam & Cedarwood candle from Anthro has been a favorite. It smells amazing (woodsy, pine and spice), it's very pretty with the little pierced lid and it comes in three sizes, so you don't have to spend a ton. The little one is $16 and is perfectly giftable paired with it with my favorite arc lighter or some cute-ass matches

Last year Marianne bought me this Thymes Frasier Fir candle and it's wonderful - a perfect Christmas tree scent - clean and fresh. I burned it down to the bottom and immediately bought another one - that's how good it is. It comes in a bunch of sizes and containers, which is nice. 

Every year Diptyque comes out with holiday themed candles and this year my favorite of the three is, of course, Sapin, which a pine and open fire scent. They also have Flocon, a winter floral, and Biscuit which smelled like spice cookies and appears to be sold out. You can get a set of all three, which would be a very nice gift for anyone. 

Y'all know I'm a huge fan of Lafco candles and I recently ordered the Frosted Pine holiday candle, which is described as having notes of white birch, pine needles and cedar. It hasn't arrived yet but I'm pretty sure I'll love it. I also ordered their fireplace candle - Feu de Bois - because we have a fake tree and a gas fireplace so I gotta import the smells for the full cozy experience. 

Finally, for a cheap-and-cheerful option, I really like the Opalhouse Balsam Fir candle from Target. It's a very cheering green Christmas tree scent with a bit of spice and the big one is only $10! For a warm and rich winter scent I also like the Cozy Nights candle from the same line. 

*It's not Covid - I've been tested! 


  1. I'm picky about scents, too. I can't stand anything too cloying, which many are, but I bought that Thymes Frasier Fir candle in Jackson Hole a couple of years ago because it smelled just like the woods we had driven through earlier that day and I have re-bought it since then. It's so fresh smelling. I also picked up a peppermint scented Rae Dunn candle at TJ Maxx this weekend fully expecting not to like it. It's sweet, but in a good way and not at all overpowering when lit.

    1. Oh, I love the idea of a peppermint candle.