Monday, August 6, 2018

Week One: Things We Didn't Buy In August.

A: So, what did you NOT buy last week?

M: I didn’t buy:

- Rachel Comey Tulip Sandals in the color I don’t want.

- Social Print Studio prints, magnets, and photo books from our last two trips.

- Tropical print swimsuit from Amazon.

- $15 Madewell boardwalk sandals that were a half size too small.

- Two long sleeved shirts for Hugo.

- New measuring cups even though we have two sets but are missing BOTH 1/3 cups.

- An overpriced Kule t-shirt:

M: I did buy:

- A record player for Chris’s birthday and records!

A: Aw, a record player! Please tell me about these Rachel Comey sandals.

M: This is the color I want but I found them in a color I DON’T want for $130 (on eBay):

M: QUESTION if I return stuff to H&M can I use that money to buy other stuff? No. The answer is no. FYI the dress I thought would be too short is very cute, the weird green pants are okay but I won’t wear them, and the jeans were cute but tiny.

A: No! You just return things and keep the money and buy nothing with it.

M: sigh.

A: Sorry.

M: I thought about trying a larger size of the jeans but I don’t need them.

A: There will still be black jeans in September.

A: My list of things I didn’t buy last week:

- A pair of Rothy’s flats

- Anything with the Madewell $25 off code they sent me (RUDE.)

- That $13 dress from Loft that I hope is sold out.

- This dumb shirt from Target:

Glossier cloud paint

- Fancy $300 Birkenstocks


A: Samantha Irby was interviewed on the most recent Forever35 (she’s hilarious) and she made me want the Glossier stuff.

M: I feel bad I never finished her book! I need to pick it back up when I’m done with my current library book.

M: I think Glossier is mostly snake oil.

A: I agree, and so does Samantha Irby. She said the cloud paint was good, though.

A: She also said she that Glossier ads make her feel like a haggard old crone.

M: Hahahahaha

A: The interview is worth a listen.

M: Kk

A: Anyway, we need to soldier on and continue to not buy stuff. We’re doing well!

M: We are!

M: Writing it down helps.

A: It’s like therapy.

M: Yes, like I need a rubber band to snap against my wrist when I want something.

A: I need a clicker and maybe a treat.

M: haha


  1. Glossier Boy Brow is THE SHIT. BEST EYEBROWS EVER. Sorry if I made you want it.

  2. I liked Glossier when I worked at a large public university with a diverse student body of all ages. Then I moved and got a job at a tiny expensive private liberal arts college where every other student is highlighted to gleaminess with Haloscope and stinks of Glossier You and I just CANNOT.

    1. I totally feel you. I also work at such an institution and my beloved J.Crew Downtown Field Jacket was completely ruined for me for a while.

  3. On the Glossier front: I fell down that rabbit hole 2 years ago and have not entirely resurfaced. I LOVE their simplified make up routine and use it most work days. Glossier Concealer (amazing), Boy Brow (amazing), mascara (I use Buxom from some other brand), Glossier Cloud Paint (amazing), lipstick (whatever is in my purse). And done. I'm not as impressed with the skin care. It's ok, but not great enough to slake my ongoing thirst for THE PRODUCT TO END ALL PRODUCTS. And as always, if Samantha Irby likes it, it's some bomb ass shit.

  4. Marianne -is your H&M dress your usual size?
    Sometimes I find their huge and other times tooooooo small.

    1. Hey! I would say it's on the roomy side of TTS. I am typically a 10/12 at H&M (but like you sometimes I can go smaller or bigger), and I ordered this in a 12. The 10 definitely would have fit but I like that it's super floaty plus I feel like sizing up got me a little more length--I'm tall!

  5. My teen wanted Glossier Lip Gloss and thanks to the internet I found that Essence is the best dupe and got that for her. She hasn't complained once. Of course she's planning to work in makeup so that small savings was immediately turned around and put into yet another eye shadow pallet. Girl has got good taste!

  6. Those Rothy flats have less than no support. You will feel every pebble on the road. They are not walking shoes. If you want cute $140 slippers for the house, fine. Otherwise...


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