Wednesday, August 1, 2018

We Discuss: Our Plan for August.

M: Ugh because of course Le Labo makes candles and of course they are $75.

A: Those bastards.

M: Like, goddammit you motherfuckers.

M: Also today I heard an IT person say “why does it always smell so good over here.”

M: And three different people said, at the same time, that’s Marianne.

A: I’m starting to take this personally.

M: I counted today and I do five sprays total.

M: But I am also worried that I am secretly that person who wears too much perfume even though everyone swears they like it.

M: I can’t even smell it on myself any more.

A: I will let you know the next time I see you.

M: People are probably talking about me on some forum about bad coworkers.

A: Hey, at least you’re wearing too much really nice perfume.

M: Right? I am spending a lot of money for other people to smell me.

M: However yesterday I had a meeting and the guy I was meeting (who I know but not super well) was like whoa I am sorry if this is inappropriate but you smell really good.


M: I’m sorrrrry

A: It does smell really good but apparently I am not wearing enough.

M: Have you tried this:

A: That seems like an expensive delivery method.

M: I think you mean effective.

A: Oh, okay

M: If I’m going on a no-buy I need to stop reading the few blogs I still do.

M: Makes me so wanty.

A: It’s so hard to find good sales for the blog and not buy stuff for myself.

A: Who are you reading?

M: Oh Kim France mainly.

M: Who I can’t even afford.

A: Nope, she is another level.

A: I’m still gonna read her book.

M: Haha same.

M: Andrea Linett is a little better but I don’t need anything!

A: I just keep reminding myself that I’ll have more shopping money for my trip if I don’t buy garbage right now


A: So, you’re in for a no-buy month for August? I need the moral support.

M: Yes. I already have 4 things on my list that I thought about buying and didn’t.



A: I was all sad because I didn’t buy that caramel lip balm. As if it will cease to exist after August.

A: 🙄

M: We are crazeeee.

A: So my rules - I can buy the services I already have scheduled (hair, etc) and I can rebuy products I use on the reg. Otherwise, nothing.

A: No shoes, no clothes, no makeup.

M: Same.

A: One month! We can do this.

M: And really I’m trying to use up beauty stuff instead of replacing. Like I’m low on my Supergoop CC cream but I have 1/4 full bottles of some other stuff that’s fine just not AS good

M: I am going to have to replace my primer though.

A: That is allowed.

M: Every week I will send you my list of what I didn’t buy, because I am writing it all down to shame myself.

A: Yes! I’ll do that too. This is so sad. I blame Goop.

M: That bitch.

A: Worst.


  1. OK, now I'm embarrassingly laughing at my desk at work but trying it hide it with that Flashdance GIF. I'm getting really close to convinced that I also need this fragrance. I wouldn't mind constant compliments!

    1. Well, SOME PEOPLE get constant compliments...

  2. If I already paid for Boxy Charm and Ipsy it doesn't count, right? I wonder if I can do a no-buy month...I have a 14 year old daughter...We did back to school already. She can last 31 days...I think...

    HOWEVER, if we end up at the big, fancy mall in town this weekend with the Saks 5th Avenue and I smell that perfume and love it I will curse you both (probably not)...

    1. You don't have to be like us! I do get Birchbox and I think it's too late to cancel. Oh well. It'll probably disappoint me anyway.

  3. I'm doing a no-spend August, too. This whole year has been out of control, and I have got to save some money.

  4. I am a teacher and they are very big on being scent free. I wear one spray of Victoria's Secret Eau So Sexy which I got as a present. It is good but my friend says she feels it lacks staying power. I am reading Crazy Rich Asians and recommend it! It is very juicy!


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