Friday, August 17, 2018

Weekend Window Shopping: Madewell is KILLING ME.

Ah, Madewell. It kills me. The new arrivals section is full of really great things that I desperately want to fill the "basics" holes in my closet. For instance, I don't even own a pair of black flats right now, can you believe that? Ahem:

These might be my perfect black flats. 

I also don't have a white blouse. This one is fun.

OMG. It's canvas and really well-priced. And camo!

A dressier version of my usual gold pendant necklace.

This beauty is one for Marianne's black floral dress list.

A nine-inch rise AND exposed copper buttons? Want. 


This is just such a lovely thing and stars! 

This might be the year I finally get gold boots. 

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  1. This post is killing me. I want those jeans so much. I have the light wash version of them and they are my favs and I said to myself this morning that I just want the dark wash version of these jeans.


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