Monday, August 20, 2018

Week Three: Stuff We Didn't Buy Last Week (and a few things we did)

Adrien: I did not buy EVERYTHING NEW AT MADEWELL. And also this stuff:


Marianne: I didn't buy this dress that I STILL WANT:

But um, I totally bought three dresses this week. And those H&M jeans that I returned in a bigger size. FORGIVE ME FATHER I HAVE AN EVENT AND I PANIC SHOPPED PLUS I HAD STORE CREDIT. Ahem. But seriously, I am hoping that one of the three work and then I'll return the other two.

ANYWAY the dress is "summer dinner" WTF does that mean? I bought these:

A: I granted you permission to buy a dress for that event! It's understandable.

M: You said ONE dress, not three, and definitely not the jeans.

A: I can’t even give you shit because I have a confession.

M: What did you do?

A: *fails to respond in a timely manner because life things happened*

M: I’m waiting

A: Sorry! Okay, so remember that Veda leather jacket (in gray) I rented from Rent the Runway?


A: Listen, I've been looking for one since last winter and it finally showed up on eBay and I literally lost my mind for a minute. Like, I left my body and floated above my computer.

M: Awwwww, well it's hardly an impulse purchase. You loved it! Was it a steal?

A: Depends on your definition, but I think I got an excellent deal. We shall see! 

M: It's so beautiful and you'll love it forever. 

A: You are my very favorite enabler.


  1. Get Crazy Rich Asians from library, but be aware u may not be able to renew as it is so popular at the moment! I had to put it on hold twice to finish it. Very catty and awesome book.

    1. I tried! I am 78th in line for it so I might get to read it in five years or so.

    2. Lol! I was so upset when I went to renew it and couldn't. I got it back in 2 or 3 more weeks and finished it.

  2. Was in need of new underwear after Gap discontinued my favorite design. Tried On Gossamer thanks to Kim France's suggestion and THEY ARE SO GOOD. Perfectly comfy, stay in place, don't ride up. I haven't washed them yet (I am not about to hand wash like they say you should) so we'll see if they hold up in a bag on delicate wash but if they do, they are my new holy grail underwear.

  3. Madewell has 15% off right now, which I know isn't very good, but I can't stop thinking about those damned jeans.

    1. I was just bitching to Marianne about this. I AM ON A NO-BUY MADEWELL. (You should get the jeans, though!)

  4. Obviously, “summer dinner” means “do NOT wear a turtleneck underneath your summer dress!”
    - Hilde

  5. I vote for the first dress for M. Also I may have felt compelled to buy the Madewell denim skirt in the Karen Miller line...oops.


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