Thursday, August 23, 2018

Outfit of the Day: Black and White.

Hello! I am back with an actual outfit post. I am also deeply, deeply sick of my summer clothes but it's still August so I am just doing what I can. It's not been super hot lately so I wore this no-season outfit:

My top is from Loft and it's one of their mixed media jobs which is basically the mullet of tops. I really love it and they always have a few in the mix. This little sweater/striped top thing is really quite cute though the design of this top is more similar to mine. I also quite like this grey mixed media top with the ruffle hem and how cute is this striped mixed media dress?

You cannot tell me this isn't a party in the back situation. I love that crazy black and white print. Speaking of which, did anyone buy this previously mentioned LOFT top? Is it good?

My very exciting black pants are Everlane and I kind of forgot about them? They're good and comfortable but ponte is not really a summer fabric for me so I haven't worn them in ages. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled them back out because they really are a nice staple. Just a comfortable ponte skinny pant that works with all my floaty tops. I know I give Everlane a hard time but I have several items (t-shirts and cashmere sweaters) that I really like. I just wish they'd get off the boxy train. Details: 

I'm wearing an old Banana Republic necklace from back when they made cool, slightly edgy jewelry.  I haven't been finding much that's caught my eye lately but how cool is this Soko lariat pendant? I am also VERY into this Argento Vivo labradorite pendant on TJM. (They have some good jewelry right now.)

This is my new Vince Camuto crossbody bag that I bought last month after deciding that my cute MBMJ Percy was going to be too small for my upcoming trip. This crossbody has two separate zippered compartments and a center compartment and fits my giant phone, so it should be perfect. I've been carrying it just to get a feel for it but it holding a surprising amount of stuff! In other crossbody bag news, this little red guy keeps catching my eye and how cute is this blue Aimee Kestenberg bag? Ugh, stop it, TJM.

All Birkenstocks, all the time. Sorry/not sorry. These are my copper Gizehs from last year and they're still going strong. I am so predictable, I know, but my feet are happy. Later, y'all!