Monday, August 13, 2018

Week Two: Things Adrien Didn't Buy In August.

Here is what I did NOT buy this past week:

  • THE PLAID PANTS (which are so good! SO GOOD. They'll be mine in September.) 

Here's what I did buy:

from Amazon:

From Dermstore (25% off with code BIRTHDAY):

These are all staples that I'm either running low on or completely out of so not cheating! I normally would have bought allllll kinds of crap with that discount code.

Coming up next: Marianne's Week Two list.


  1. Yeah!! I love your face in the pants pic :) Plus they look much more red than target's website photo= winning!

  2. take heart that your replacement order from Dermstore just made me realize that Sunday Riley is included in the discount....and I just bought my CEO vitamin C serum AND my UFO clarifying oil and I'm a VERY HAPPY GIRL RIGHT NOW. So thanks!

    1. Yay! It’s so rare to get a discount on Sunday Riley. I’m glad you got your stuff!