Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Outfit of the Day: Definitely Phoning It In.

There's nothing like a no-buy month in August to make you hate alllll your clothes. I truly do but August is also the worst for shopping because everything is about back to school and it's still summer but you're over buying for summer. I just need to wait it out and then I can burn everything and start over. Just kidding. Sort of. Here:

This is a very cute garbage dress from Old Navy. I bought it two years ago and for some reason it's still going strong. It's one of those super-easy, "oh, this old thing!" kind of dresses that Old Navy is good for. This one is similarly easy and striped (also in blue!) though I am partial to this swing style dress and I really like the look of this long-sleeve version for fall. (SEE? This is why August is the worst.) 

Because my dress is made from cheap-ass thin material I always wear a slip underneath. Mine is from the glorious few months when the Gap made amazing slips. Sigh. However, if you invest, this Commando slip looks really good and there's also a mini version. If you aren't looking to invest, this one at Target looks pretty decent. There are also in-between options like this one. And listen, I never bother with shaping slips. The whole point of a slip is to keep your clothes from clinging to your body, so compression is not necessary and they always ride up anyway.

 To keep from freezing to death in my arctic office, I threw on my white Universal Thread denim jacket. It doesn't get quite as much wear as my blue denim version but I still consider it a solid summer purchase. A white jacket isn't something I'm going to wear a ton so $30 is about my price point. (PS. It's on clearance so now it's only $20.988. Ahem.) Details:

I'm wearing my silver wings necklace and also my cheap labradorite pendant from Target which I've worn a lot this summer. It's sold out but, never fear, they have a better one! Same price point, cuter style. Just get that one and be happy that you won't have to straighten it twenty times a day. 

I dusted off my blue MBMJ bag for this outfit and decided that I liked the idea of mixing my metals. The dark gold hardware with the bling of silver Birkenstocks? Why the hell not. And man, I do love a blue bag. This MJ hobo is gloriously pretty and I also I don't hate this MJ blue nylon bag, which I'll bet is lightweight and easy to carry. But my heart (today) belongs to this beautiful blue Lancaster Paris bag. Ugh. so perfect. That color. 

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