Friday, August 31, 2018

Weekend Window Shopping: J.Crew Wants To Break Your Heart.

I am so tired of being gaslighted by sales, you guys. J.Crew sent me this Super! Excited! email telling me that I was getting 40% off my ENTIRE PURCHASE with code BIGSALE. Then I read the fine print and what they actually mean is, YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE EXCEPT FOR THIS TOTE AND THIS SKIRT AND ALSO THIS TIGER PRINT BLOUSE YOU LOVE. ALSO A BUNCH OF OTHER STUFF. SORRY, DUM DUM. 

Eff you too, J.Crew. Hmph. ANYWAY, once I stopped pouting and explored a little I realized there were still quite a few bargains to be had. That boatneck striped top that's been haunting me? 40% off. And, RMS luminizer! Also, this good stuff:


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  1. Been loving the J.Crew sale. Especially the extra 40% off sale. Plus they gave me $25 off for my Aug birthday and a surprise $25 off for being a J.Crew cardholder. With $50 to play with, lets say I had myself a totally indulgent shopping spree.


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