Tuesday, July 31, 2018

We Discuss: Rage Shopping.

M: I stress shopped at H&M and I need a shopping ban.

A: I’ve been stress shopping for my trip and now I’m convinced I need a raincoat. I def need a shopping ban.

M: Your Madewell jacket will be FINE! And a small umbrella!

A: What did you buy?

M: Oh just two dumb dresses and some definitely stupid pants.

A: It’s not like they don’t sell raincoats in London, right?

M: I was like WTF immediately after.

A: Ha. It’s the dopamine hit.

M: Wait, only one stupid dress and definitely stupid pants and probably mistake jeans.

M: I didn’t even REMEMBER.

A: Ha! I had two Amazon boxes show up last week and I was like...I have no idea what I ordered.

M: Probably too short and unflattering:

A: That’s a cute shirt.

A: H&M never works for me.

M: It works fine on me but THESE WON’T:

A: They call them "ankle length."  Do they not know where ankles are located?

M: I don’t know about you but my ankles are right below my knees. I’m a medical marvel!

A: You really are.

M: And I just don’t need these except my other black jeans are unwearable tight:

A: The jeans look good!

A: I did buy a great new toiletries kit because mine was on it’s last legs:

A: So exciting.

M: Oh damn I need that.

M: I travel so much and my toiletry sitch is sad.

A: It’s really good - I got the medium sized bag.

M: Oh! I also bought a travel backpack in a fit of rage.

A: Ha! Me too!

M: What did you get? I got something basic and simple because I was mad about the Lo & Sons one that’s TWO HUNDRED STUPID DOLLARS FOR A NYLON BACKPACK. Instead, this:

A: I got this one:

A: And haaaa, I was mad at the Dagne Dover $175 backpack which I want. Badly.

M: Oh I am mad about that one TOO.

M: Yours is cuter than mine but I needed something bigger. Basically big enough for my actual purse, laptop, chargers, giant headphones, etc.

A: Mine is small but perfect for a carry-on since I don’t need room for a laptop.

M: It’s cute though! I just have to schlep so much for work or kids.

M: Mine is Not Cute and I’m mad about that too but it was $30.

M: And has a luggage strap.

A: Nice! Fuck $200 backpacks.

M: It literally does all the same shit and has like 2000 positive reviews.

A: Yup

A: I love that we both went on the same backpack rage journey.

M: So much rage.

M: I’m also pretty mad at those Away suitcases.





M: Do you know that one time the only reason I made a connecting flight was because a girl was sitting on the jetbridge with three flight attendants and a tool box because the battery was stuck and you have to remove it to check the bag? They had to take her dumbass Away bag apart.

M: But also it was lilac and sooooo cute.


M: Also I know people that have them and guess what it’s just a suitcase.


A: It’s the suitcase version of those clear vitamins.


M: maybe I need an Instagram break.


A: 💊💊💊

M: I blame goddamn Goop.

A: Every single day.


  1. Whoa, what are the clear vitamins? Also - would you consider a post about how you store all your jewelry, or some good jewelry storage options? I hate my jewelry boxes with a passion but am having a hard time coming up with anything good and somewhat reasonably priced - especially I need something to separate out all my earrings.

    1. Sorry, I meant to link it! We are talking about Ritual Vitamins (which I haven't tried.) As for jewelry, girl, I have no idea. All my jewelry is in a sad tangle on my dresser.

    2. My husband bought me a jewelry box for Christmas one year (because I leave my jewelry ALL over our house), and while I kind of hate it (it's big, kind of ugly, and just takes up too much space,) it really does do a great job of organization.


  2. This entire post spoke to me on a spiritual level. Esp the last two lines.

  3. OMG, that Dagne Dover backpack is so cute! But so expensive. I hope I forget about it.

  4. Hehe! I recommend an Instagram break guys! My coworker told me she went off it in May and I followed suit and didn't miss it! I can use my time more productively. I just signed in the past few days and it was nice to see babies had been born, etc but I will go off soon.

  5. I need to do a total and complete social media cleanse...3 audiobooks I had on hold on my library app hit within 48 hours so I should just jump right in now and enjoy the stories.

    I bought an A-line dress with pockets from H&M and I love it. But that is it.

    Added the toiletry bag to my wishlist, put M's travel bag on my Amazon list.

    I have one of these for my jeweltry but admittedly I do not have pierced ears so no need to deal with earrings...

  6. I think July is esp hard bc of all the 4th sales and then the end-of-season sales... it's hard for me to resist deals :(