Friday, July 20, 2018

Weekend Window Shopping: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

So, listen. I know everyone freaks out about this sale and most fashion bloggers have been posting about it since last week. I am not that blogger. I mean, I get it. They do have a great price on Marianne's favorite Spanx faux leather leggings and YES this is a really good price on the sneakers I just bought for my trip (spoiler alert) except I bought mine in black so it's irrelevant. And fine, this handbag is really, really pretty and YES there is a whole lot of cute Madewell stuff in the sale.

I GET IT, NORDSTROM. But right now I have some saving-for-my-trip goals so I am just going to ignore allllll that stuff. (Not to say that you should! You do you.) What I'm not ignoring is some of the super-fun beauty specials that are part of the sale. SO GOOD, Y'ALL. Here's what I'd love:



  1. I had never particularly cared about the NAS before, but this year I got quite invested in the You Look Fab forum where everyone posts what they want and whether they liked what they ordered. I miss shopping with friends and the forum recreates that experience I did buy a (different) Minkoff bag and a pair of bright silver Madewell sandals. So, fun, but not life-changing for me.

  2. Congrats on the shoes. Super cute n also functional!


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