Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Outfit of the Day: Lazy Summer.

It's that wonderful time again when everything falls apart and I start dressing like a teenager. I love summer, you guys. I think I've posted a similar outfit every year but this one is pretty dirtbag and I'm not even sorry:

Yay summer! I have a fairly extensive collection of Bowie tees and this is the most recent which I picked up at the exhibit in Brooklyn. It appears to be sold out but this one by Chaser (which I also have) is on sale and there are always a few at Nordstrom Rack, for some reason. My current wishlist Bowie tee is this one from Lucky Brand who always has a great selection of vintage-y band tees and if you want a non-band graphic tee, I think J.Crew does a great job. Mostly I just like a cool graphic tee! 

I still haven't gotten around to buying a new pair of cut-off shorts so I'm wearing last year's pair from Old Navy. I'd say this pair is this year's version. They're still good though I do wish they had a bit more length. I recently saw this pair at Loft and they looked perfect but they didn't have my size in stock. Boo. I am mostly just waiting for Madewell to put these on sale so I can buy them before summer is actually over. Details:

I'm wearing my little Miansai hook necklace which I'm sure y'all are sick of hearing about. It's really petite and perfect when you want just a little something interesting around your neck. I think it looks best when layered which I should demonstrate or something. Bad blogger. I am also wearing that Felina lace bralette thing I told y'all about and it's great! Definitely a bralette for those who can't usually wear them. (You can also get them in a 2-pack at Amazon or Costco, just FYI.)

Bag and sandals! My bag is a MBMJ Percy which I got for a steal on Poshmark. It's tiny but I can fit a surprising amount in it and it doesn't get in my way. NR currently has a bunch of MJ crossbody bags at decent prices in case you're looking.

I've pretty much only been wearing Birkenstocks this summer. These are my Gizehs in copper which I loved best until I got my silver Arizonas. I really can't recommend a fun metallic Birkenstock enough. The best of both worlds.

That's it! I am still figuring out my setup at the new house so hopefully I can get back to posting some actual grown-ass lady outfits soon. (No promises.)


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