Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Outfit of the Day: Running Out of Options

Please continue to bear with me as I continue to take not-great photos. It always takes a while to get a new set-up just right! Note to self: Move over six inches, dummy.

I've reached that part of the summer where I am tired of my clothes and feel like I've shown you everything I have that's even remotely cute. I started digging in my closet and found these LOFT pants that I bought last summer (worn here) and then totally forgot about. They're super easy and comfortable but require tucking in which is not really in my comfort zone. However, I get tired of always wearing the same silhouette so I put them on:

And hey! Pretty cute. Obviously they aren't available anymore but these Lou & Grey pants are really similar (and really on sale!) This pair of slim drawstring pants is also quite similar and come in three colors. Yay, Loft. If you don't yet have a pair of loose pants, just give it a try! I promise it's good times (though you probably will have to tuck your shirt in.) Oh! And I just found this pair of Lou & Grey pants which is the exact color of mine. I swear that olive green is basically a neutral. 

I'm wearing my pants with another one of my favorite LOFT purchases, my Striped Cutout Twist Tee. It's marked way, way down but is final sale now, sorry. I wear mine a lot and I definitely think it's worth a $17.44 risk! If not, this Striped Tie-Back top is awfully cute too or maybe this Striped Side-Tie tee

I threw on my Universal Thread denim jacket because I basically wear it every day now. It's a sickness. And, um, they have a really cool black version now which I want but won't be buying because two is enough. Don't even talk to me about this one over at Madewell because I am not even thinking about it, no matter how amazing it is. Nope. Details: 

Pretty low key. This necklace is from Banana and it's old! It's hard to find anything really similar, but this spike pendant is pretty fun and this one by Gorjana is way prettier than mine. My earrings came from TJ Maxx earlier this spring and I can't find them online but holy shit buy these Argento Vivo instead! So pretty! There is a bunch of good Labradorite jewelry on TJM right now. (LE SIGH.)

 My bag is Marc Jacobs via eBay - it's the Paradise Rio and I got it for a steal. It's a big bag and the leather is really nice! This one on eBay looks promising but if eBay isn't your thing there's this MJ bag on Nordstrom Rack which is very similar. I'm just saying. And, of course I'm wearing Birkenstock Gizehs because it's summer and that's how it goes.


  1. That's super cute! And olive green is TOTALLY a neutral.

  2. Still beaming with happiness I see! Also, I know what you mean about summer clothes ...


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