Tuesday, July 3, 2018

We Discuss: That Damn Perfume Again.

A: I’ve been flaunting the Santal 33 for two full weeks and not one boy has said I smelled good

A: I think mine is broken

M: Oh damn!

M: Literally someone just told me I smelled good

M: And another guy was like I have to buy that perfume for my wife

A: Not just boys, literally nobody has complimented me

M: Maybe I am wearing too much

A: Maybe I’m not wearing enough

A: Or, mine is broken

M: Hmph

A: I love it, anyway

A: Even if the rest of the world has failed to notice

M: That’s all that really matters

M: I am pretty liberal with it

A: I was promised fawning boys tho

M: I’m sorry dude!

M: Not even Fred?

A: No! I made him smell my arm and he was like, “I think I smell something?”

M: Dang

A: He is definitely broken

A: (Rather, his nose has been)

M: Heh

A: I don’t wear a ton. Maybe I need to up my scent game

M: I am enveloped in this

A: You smell soooo good

M: Heheh

A: I bought the littlest bottle and I love how weighty the lid is. The packaging is VERY satisfying

M: It is NICE

A: So nice

M: I’m sure for every person that says I smell good there is someone that wishes I would tone it down.

A: We’ll just call you Migraine Marianne

M: Nice

A: Has a nice ring to it


  1. I'm sold on their Rose 31 which has very interesting reviews. I love it but I think some wearers/smellers absolutely hate it. All this to say, as you probably know, scent is very personal!
    In any case I'm an avid fan and reader of yours.

    1. Well damn, now I want to try that one too! Thanks for reading! 😘

  2. Okay, so I bit the bullet and ordered the sample via la labo's website, too. I also ordered the sample of The Noir 29, so stay tuned...

  3. Okay, I've tested about 5 now. I love the bergamotte 22 - the rest, even Santal 33, make me sell like I just walked out of a poutchuli store. I was hoping to fall in love!

    1. I find this intriguing and heartening (I am the one who just ordered santal 33 and the noir samples), as I haaaaattte patchouli, so maybe I will beat the curse of le labo!!

    2. I’m really curious about the bergamotte 22! I’ll have to try it. And I honestly can’t smell patchouli in the Santal but it’s definitely polarizing.

  4. So there's a Le Labo store down the street from me, and after your last post mentioning Santal 33, I had to hop on down there and buy a sample. Most scents end up smelling like bug spray on me after an hour or two, but the Santal 33 is lovely. I've been reading about this stuff for the past few years and am afraid it's a new iteration of CK1One(I swear you could smell the university campus a mile away during the height of CK1One's popularity), but I don't care.

    1. Oh, I think it’s definitely that, but I don’t care either!

  5. I just ordered a discovery set from Le Labo and it’s all your fault. (I’m so excited!) I hope this is half as amazing as you say!


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