Wednesday, July 18, 2018

We Discuss: Beauty We Do Not Need.

M: So I needed to replace my ka-BROW and I had no idea they made a mini version for $12! That is brilliant. I have never gotten through half of the container before it dries out or I lose the brush or in this case, both.

A: I know! I was mad at myself for buying it full size

A: There’s nothing better, though

M: And I got some of that caramel lip balm to give as part of a birthday gift to a friend

M: It’s the best

A: It’s so good. I need to buy a full size version - my mini is done

M: I’m also trying Sephora’s knockoff of Clinique take the day off

A: whaaaaat

M: mmhmmm

A: I didn’t know they had one!

A: I’m still buying the Pixi Double Cleanse

M: It's this:

A: Interesting! Let me know what you think.

M: Yeah the reviews are mostly positive

A: I haven’t bought any new makeup lately but I still love my RMS palette

A: It’s definitely going on my trip

M: It’s summer so I am just not wearing as much makeup

A: I have definitely pared it down for summer

M: And I did a huge purge last night and I’m going to use what I have

A: Oh, good for you

M: So I just replaced cleanser and ka-BROW and that’s it

A: I still want the RMS Un Cover-Up stuff but I have managed to not buy it

M: I liked it when I used it but I see pictures of myself during that time my skin looked greasy so idk

A: That makes me want it less but I still want it

M: It’s a very dewy look

A: I do like my current foundation - it doesn’t budge and I don’t have to use much

M: I have been experimenting with the THREE cc creams I have right now to figure out which is really my favorite and I honestly don’t know any more

A: So, It Cosmetics, Supergoop and…?

M: Clinique cc cream

A: Right on. I mean, they all get great reviews, I don’t think you can lose

M: Yeah I am mostly just making myself use all of them up before replacing

M: I am just torturing myself

A: I have SO MUCH makeup I never wear anymore. It’s embarrassing.

M: I threw so much away

A: I love that I just sent you more crap. Heh

M: Oh but I use that!

M: Seriously

A: I try to only send you stuff I think you’d like!

M: I now have a nice little stash of good lipsticks and dry shampoo and texture stuff

M: I kept alllll of that

A: I am mostly ignoring the Nordstrom Anniversary sale but this stuff is supposed to be good:

A: And, um…

M: argh

A: I’m sorry

M: I have successfully avoided all sales

M: And will continue

A: I’m basically ignoring the Nordstrom sale because I need NOTHING

M: same

M: I already have that setting powder and it’s good

M: But I don’t need more

A: I need nothing!


A: Nothing. I’m just going to keep repeating it in my head.


  1. My favorite CC cream is Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream. I can only find it on, but that is my only complaint.

  2. I have the Supergoop and the Clinique cc creams and currently prefer the Supergoop one. It's hot and (usually) humid here and my skin leans oily. They both seem good, but maybe for different times of year for me.