Thursday, July 5, 2018

BUY THIS (Because I Sort of Already Did): Stress Shopping.

YOU GUYS. I am in the middle of moving (in with my boyfriend!) and currently everything I own is in boxes. I'm mostly taking this week off from the blog but I briefly stop by Athleta and wanted to tell you about what I found. My purpose was to try on these pants which I'm considering for an upcoming trip. Basically, I need airplane pants that are comfy like sweatpants but still look cute. Anyway, the Soho joggers were quite good but that's not what I want to tell you about! While I was in the store I dug through the sale racks and found this:

IT IS SO GOOD. It's the Athleta Modern Sweatshirt. I bought it in black and have some regret that I didn't buy the grey too. So listen, it's basically a sweatshirt but it's made from that scuba material so it holds it's shape while still magically being soft. I love the funky athleisure detailing and it's juuuuust the right amount of cropped in the front. And it's super on sale and you should just buy it.

Then I stopped off at Loft to see if they had the dress (nope) and I tried on the star print top:

It's adorable! SO SO SO CUTE. And goddammit, it was full price. I put it back because I knew it would be half off in another day or two and LO it is now 50% off. You can't fool me, LOFT. I know you're stupid game. Oh, and PS. my favorite striped top is also 50% off! I have worn it a ton and highly recommend.

That's it for now. I'm back to my endless packing and will see you guys on Monday!


  1. Great news! Good luck. We will miss you till then!

  2. The Soho joggers are seriously the best for traveling. And they take up close to zero space. Lots of luck on the move!

    1. Thanks for this! I tried on several different styles and they were my favorite. I will most likely buy them.