Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Outfit of the Day: New Location, Same Old Excuses.

Hi all! Thanks SO MUCH for the amazing comments, advice and recommendations on my travel post yesterday. I will definitely be doing an update closer to the trip and maybe also a packing post. Eep! Now, I have to apologize in advance because my outfit photos are a bit rough today. I didn't intend on taking any originally, I was just messing around and trying to figure out my setup in the new house and then figured I'd go ahead and do some test shots:

Hey, it's the LOFT star print top! I really love this top, you guys. It's 50% off right now and I think that's a really fair price for a cute, washable top you can dress up or down. I especially like that it has a little bit of sleeve to hide my bra straps. LOFT is so good at making fun, easy blouses. This dotted print top is very similar with cute details and I also love the neckline on this little floral top. Also! This striped top is super-cute and looks like it's from Anthro. Someone get that! 

Here it is tucked into my grey jeans from LOFT which have become the white jeans I never got around to buying. I wear them A LOT and they are ridiculously comfortable. They do stretch out a bit, I won't lie, but I still love them. They are also on sale right now too! I am obsessed with grey jeans right now.  This AG pair looks really good and I keep looking at this Frame pair even though I know better. 

I am basically 100% denim jacket all the time this summer. I'm wearing my white Universal Thread jacket which has been such a good purchase. It isn't quite as soft as the regular denim version but still not bad for $30. I mean, yeah, the Madewell denim jacket is amazing and I want it, but I've been pretty satisfied with my Target jackets. Details:

Tiny stars! Tiny ruffles! I love this top. Anyway, I am wearing my Soko Paddle Pendant which is also available (on sale!) in a petite version. Highly recommend! It's such a satisfying piece of jewelry.

Same old damn MBMJ bag (this one is similar.) I am pretty basic with the bags these days. However, I am putting away my Birkenstocks for a day and wearing my Lotta from Stockholm clog sandals because red shoes are fun! They are. Get some red shoes (maybe these) if you don't have any and get back to me.


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