Monday, July 9, 2018

Catching Up: A Few Things of Note.

Hi! Hi hi hi. I am back though still living out of boxes (can anyone tell me where I put the charger for my toothbrush?) I don't have a post planned for today so I thought I'd just mention a few things of interest that have crossed my path. (ALSO, something I've been meaning to mention for a while - Blogger stopped sending comment notifications last month and still hasn't fixed the glitch so my apologies if it seems like I've been ignoring comments. Mostly I just forget to check and then panic about it days later. Hooray. Thanks, Blogger.)


First, you should know that Aerie is doing 10 pairs of unders for $25 which is a screaming deal. The Shine Boybrief is Marianne's favorite:

And the Seamless Boybrief is mine (though it's only available in one color now):

ALSO, my favorite now comes in a high waisted style which I wish I didn't know about:

I legit have enough underwear but if anyone buys those will you let me know if they're good? Do it for blog science. 

Moving on, that stupid Barney's sale will not end and the Miansai hook necklace is now $19 with free shipping and good God, people. What more do you want?

I love mine and just bought one for Marianne. Don't you want to be like us? (Don't answer that.) 

Finally, just to torture me Madewell is giving an extra 30% off sale styles with code BIGMOOD and holy shit, the jeans. THE JEANS:

These are the slim boyjean (in a cropped style) which I highly recommend. Definitely size down. They're $63 with the code but also final sale, so be warned.  These skinny jeans are also real cute and are NOT final sale:

Finally, this Madewell Modform necklace is now under $20 with the code! I've bought this twice - both times as gifts for other people which took a fair amount of restraint because it's just really cool:

I love that the chain is adjustable so you can wear it long or short. Modern art for your neck, right? 

That's all I've got for now. Hope y'all had a good weekend and I'll be back with an outfit tomorrow. 


  1. I have the high wasted brief! It's good. Especially when wearing high waisted jeans, it's nice to have your underthings go all the way up instead of cutting your hips midway through. Also these don't bunch or ride in funny places. 10/10!!!!

    1. Yay! I am going to resist for now but I'm glad to know they're good.

  2. Gah - why did you post those Madewell jeans?? I've been successfully resisting some light wash Loft jeans but now I'm even more smitten with these! Also, congrats on moving in with your bf! I think moving in should be made a fuss of, I think it's sad that engagements/weddings get all the acclaim. It felt like a big deal when I moved in with my significant other - we may never get married - and it felt like a bummer that others didn't care as much as I did. We are as dedicated to each other as if we were married. So, congratulations!!!!!

    1. Aw, thanks so much! I got divorced about 6 years ago so my friends are VERY happy for me but most folks are all, 🤷🏻‍♀️.

  3. Gah -- you've made me purchase ALL the things lately! I broke down and bought the Miansai necklace because wtf $19 is insane and both of the Loft shirts you recc'd last week. Fingers crossed they work out!

    1. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you! I personally like all that stuff and hope you do too.