Thursday, July 19, 2018

Stuff I Like: Reading, Watching, Organizing

This Book That Is Charming AF.
One of my online friends (I can't remember who! If it was you, speak up) posted on FB about reading 84 Charing Cross Road which I'd remembered reading back in college and enjoying. I ordered a used copy from the UK because I am definitely that nerd and it came in a version that includes the follow-up story, The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street. This is the true correspondence between NY writer Helene Hanff and a London bookshop and her subsequent visit and both are FLAT OUT DELIGHTFUL. There's also a movie version with Ann Bancroft and Anthony Hopkins but I haven't seen it. I'm sure it's delightful if you are able to separate Anthony Hopkins from Silence of the Lambs. (I still have a hard time with this.) Anyway, get the book and make sure it includes both stories. (The version I linked does!)

GLOW Season Two
OMG PLEASE TELL ME YOU'RE WATCHING THIS. Some shows fizzle in the second season but GLOW just keeps getting better. The music! The montages! The outfits! It's all so good. I won't spoil it for you but if you haven't watched either season, GET ON IT. You will thank me. I never had any interest in pro wrestling but it's a pretty fascinating world. Also, Marc Maron is funny as hell.

This Makeup Organizer That is Actually Good.
After nearly 6 years of having a sizable apartment (mostly) all to myself I am struggling to become a more minimal, organized person in the new house. The bathrooms lack medicine cabinets so I trotted off to Target to see what I could find, which ended up being this Madesmart Tote. This thing is worth it's weight in Target gold. I bought two - one for my makeup and one for my skincare stuff. It's good quality, portable and the little organization squares are removable if you just want to throw everything in all willy nilly. Also, the bottom has rubber grippers so it doesn't slide all over the place. I mean, sure, it's no Caboodles but it's very good and fits neatly on a shelf.  I also bought this woven bin to put in the cabinet under the sink where it holds my hair wrap and brushes and whatnot. Any good suggestions for further organization? I'm open.


  1. It was me who mentioned 84, Charing Cross Rd! (I know that technically I should say 'it was I who,' but that just sounded ridiculous).

    I didn't know there was a sequel!! Now I have to go find it. If you can find a copy of the first book with Anne Bancroft's foreword, I highly recommend that, too, because it is excellent.

    1. Ah! I thought it was you but couldn't find your original post about it. I didn't know about the sequel until my book arrived. It doesn't disappoint! And now I have to find the Anne Bancroft foreward!


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