Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Gift Guide: Gifts For Menfolk.

Men are, to me, notoriously hard to shop for but this list includes some things that seem like they'd make good gifts for pretty much anyone, as well as some things I've actually given as gifts that were well-received. Here we go:

Do you have a dude in your life who buys all his clothes in bulk from Amazon? Just me? Okay, listen. I have it on good authority that Outdoor Voices makes excellent athleisure/comfy clothes for men and this lightweight hoodie made from their CloudKnit fabric looks like something nearly every guy would wear and appreciate. It comes in a bunch of colors and it's also on sale right now! 

This is a such normcore guy gift but it was one I gave to my dude when he was deeply into grilling but didn't have good tools. It was a hit! I am personally VERY into having the right cooking tools for the job and you can never have enough tongs, right? There's also this fancy set which looks good but I'm into those big flat skewers because they seem so much more stable than the usual skinny kind. 

For the music and/or vinyl buff, this would be a really cool gift. Hell, I kind of want it for myself even though my knowledge of punk music is medium-to-low. I just really love the art of album cover art and feel like it was a big loss when everything went digital. 

Is a toothbrush a good gift? It is when it's a Philips Sonicare. This thing is kind of amazing and life-changing and I would actually like a new one myself because I dropped mine and it broke and now I am SAD WITHOUT IT. So yeah, this might the be romantic gift equivalent of a vacuum cleaner but who cares. It's a nice gift, it comes in several levels of fancy (I mean, what) and it makes brushing your teeth a pleasure.

Okay, hear me out: LEGO for adults. Did you know this was a thing? There are also excellently cool art sets but I am quite taken with this freaking awesome pyramid of Giza set and want it for myself. This would be a really fun gift because who doesn't still want toys for Christmas? (Caveat: this might not a great gift for someone with young-ish kids because I guarantee they already have 800,000 tiny hard bits of Lego in their house and will probably murder you for introducing more.)

Honestly, socks are kind of a boring gift but hiking socks from Bombas? They are really good and kind of fun. I have a pair and I've definitely given a pair as a gift so there you have it. ALSO, Bombas x Cotopaxi Merino wool hiking socks are also a thing! They are really pretty nice looking and if you know someone who's a Cotopaxi fan that's a win-win, right? This is starting to feel desperate. 

A few honorable mentions: This Field Notes National Parks set of little notebooks, This elastic band wallet makes a great stocking stuffer, and if all else fails, Bacon of the Month club. 


  1. This guide was GOOD! I bought a hoodie for my nephew and a different Lego set for my son. Well played, you reluctant gift-guide-maker.


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