Monday, December 5, 2022

Gift Guide: Under $100 Gifts For Your Bestie.

First, my apologies for gendering these guides so hard - you know your people, so grain of salt, please! 

This is a list of under-$100 gifts geared towards your best friend, sister, mom, work wife, etc. Also, these would make great gifts for ME JUST SAYING. Okay:

Marianne keeps telling me about the N√©cessaire samples she's gotten and how good they are and I'm like, LALALAALAA I CAN'T HEAR YOU because I don't need another expensive bodycare brand in my life but I also kind of do? SO. This brand is supposed to be amazing and the body wash (which comes in some amazing scents and also unscented) seems like the kind of special thing that you might not buy for yourself, but it would be a great gift. Throw in one of my favorite shower scrubber thingies and you'll be a legend. Ooh, there's also a set with the body serum and lotion! That looks good too. 

I know I bang on about Quince a lot but do not sleep on Quince jewelry, y'all. They have such nice things at amazing price points! For an easy under-$50 gift, this gold vermeil eternity necklace gets rave reviews. For something in the 14K gold range, these cabochon opal studs are SO pretty and still under $100! Also, I now have two of these little 14K gold solo mini hoops and I love them. 

Okay, real talk. I want this Simplehuman travel mirror for myself but haven't pulled the trigger yet. My old light-up travel mirror just died and it was kind of a space hog anyway, so this seems like a good solution, right? And it's also just a nice thing to have when you want to inspect your pores at the molecular level. Just me? Anyway, if your bestie travels a lot, I'll bet this would make a great gift. 

I'm going to do a whole big gift guide of just books, but couldn't resist including this Andy Warhol Polaroids book for your modern art/pop culture lover because oh my God, I love everything about this. In general, I love getting art books as gifts because they seem like such a luxury purchase but I also love anything in the pop culture/art realm and this covers a lot of bases. 

A few years ago Marianne and I gave each other Stackers jewelry boxes (review here) and they were a hit. Starter sets are just under $100, but it's kind of a hard thing to buy for someone when you don't know what their jewelry box situation might be. Marianne also gave me a little travel jewelry box that isn't on the site anymore but the current version is more compact and zips around and seems like the perfect travel accessory! Buy your lady friend a piece of Quince jewelry and stick it in this travel box with a bow on it. Congrats, you are done. Yay. Oh, also, they have a very nifty tech cable organizer that would honestly be a great gift for anyone who travels. 

Okay, I'm just going to say it. If you give someone a pair of Vuori Performance Joggers and they don't like them? That person is a monster. I'm totally kidding, but listen, these are still my #1 favorite around-the-house-but-still-cute lounge pants and they are soft as kittens. (I do wish they had extended and tall sizing but they don't listen to me.) These would be an outstanding gift for a dude as well. Just saying. 

I talked about this amazing stuff last year but here it is again. Marianne gave me this Dior Creme Abricot nail cream which is definitely something I wouldn't have bought myself but I love it. I get very dry, brittle nails and terrible sad cuticles in the winter months and this weird, slightly sticky but very effective potion helps a ton! Plus, the packing is very fancy and rich-lady minimalist and looks very nice on my bedside table. 

I recently got a new phone and immediately ordered a new Burga phone case because they are not only very, very good cases, they are also freaking gorgeous. So many patterns and colors to choose from! I personally love the ones that look like slabs of stone (I went with this one) but they also have a new zodiac collection that's really cool. This would make a great gift (they come beautifully packaged) and I also suggest a matching ring holder. Bonus: you can get $20 off your first purchase through my link (full disclosure: I get credits with each purchase.)

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  1. So, those Vuori joggers *look* a lot like the LL Bean Cozy Jogger which comes in reg/petite/plus and offers a tall inseam. I have them in the dark purple and love them. I'm 5'3" and the petite hits at my foot like the model photo shows. I take walks in them and do a whole lotta nothing in them.


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