Friday, August 11, 2023

Stuff I Like: Skincare!

I've changed up some of my skincare lately and here's what I've been really happy with:

This Oil Cleanser That’s a Steal
I typically double cleanse every evening and for a while I was using balm cleansers for my first step, but now I’m back on oil. I do still really like the one by DHC but I found an online rec for this one by Hada Labo that’s the same amount for less than half the price and it’s great. Its made with olive oil, is unscented, and it gets all my eye make off without much effort. Under $12! Just FYI, I'm still using and loving Acure cleansing cream for my second cleansing step. 

This Vitamin C Serum That Better Change My Life.
I've been using Skinceuticals 10 AOX+ vitamin C serum to help with my melasma. It's a starter version for sensitive skin and it's been good but the bottle is almost empty and I'm not sure my face can handle the C E Ferulic (or similar dupe) that everyone raves over. I recently read a rave review on a women's FB group I belong to that Hydropeptide Firma-Bright works like gangbusters on melasma so I was immediately influenced and bought the travel size. A few weeks later I bought the full size because, hey, my face doesn't hate it. I'm now more than a month in and this product in the morning (and Differin at night) seems to really be helping. I'll report back! 

This Fancy Serum Sunscreen That Gives Good Glow
Ugh, rms, you win. I am such a sucker for Rose Marie’s videos and when this new SuperNatural SPF serum came out I was like, nope. Not falling for it. And then of course I ordered it and it’s so freaking nice. It’s a mineral sunscreen with some other stuff and it gives you a nice glow and works well under makeup. It would be nice if the SPF was higher, but this isn’t my everyday spackle (that would be the CoTZ sunscreen) it’s my “I need to look nice today” sunscreen. I’m also still a fan of this one by Tatcha, but it’s SO freaking expensive that I wish I could quit it. 

PS. I also repurchased this little rms palette (I originally posted about it here) because it had her nice champagne luminizer in it and I also needed the Beloved Lip2Cheek back in my life after being influenced by this video. That Rose Marie is CONVINCING. Anyway, as I remembered, it’s all really lovely and dewy. Also, they FINALLY put a mirror in the palette! It’s about time.

This Eye Cream That's a Pleasant Surprise.
Listen, I tend to think that eye cream is a bit of a scam. Like, here’s a tiny container of concentrated moisturizer that somehow costs MORE than your moisturizer! And it does things, we swear!  Hmph. I’m convinced nothing on earth can permanently fix my dark circles, but it’s nice when a product successfully deflects them and this one does. I bought the Sunday Riley Auto Correct and it’s not disappointing! It's got caffeine for de-puffing and a bit of a glow to brighten and it works nicely under my favorite concealer, so we’ll call it a win.

Last minute inclusion: I just got a sample of the new Kosas DreamBeam mineral sunscreen serum and it’s also pretty great! I am just so pleased at all these lovely mineral sunscreen serum formulations that are coming out.) 


  1. Okay well now I want to try ALL of these, but especially the vitamin C thing. I hate my melasma so much and I would pay just about any amount to get rid of it.

    1. So far the only thing that’s truly worked is hydroquinone, but you have to cycle on and offf it. So this is what I’m trying on the “off” cycle.

  2. More YOU. I love it.

  3. I got Sephora'd into the Auto Correct not too long ago. I have some hella dark undereyes (thanks genetics!) and I think this stuff makes a difference. But I can't tell if it's actually moisurizing? Should I be using TWO tiny eye things?

  4. So happy to see you again!! Puffy undereye MAGIC: plexaderm. I was shocked and thrilled with the instant results. Truly I've tried everything else.


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