Sunday, April 9, 2023

Stuff I Like: Overdue List!

Hello! I've had a fairly crazy month so far but my foot is healing to the point that I can actually hobble around in Plastic Clogs That Shall Not Be Named. I also have an ugly pair of Hokas that I can wear for a limited amount of time. It's progress. Anyway, I've been keeping notes about some of the things I've been liking lately so here you go:

This Sunscreen That Is Just Right
I wrote here about my chemical sunscreen allergy and made the switch to mineral-only formulas with varying degrees of success. I still really love my Tatcha sunscreen but it's painfully expensive so I was hoping to find something similar and cheaper. I got a deluxe sample of this CoTz Flawless Complexion SPF 50 in last month's Allure box and it's SO GOOD. Its lightly tinted and feels good on the skin - not super greasy or heavy. And, while it's not cheap, it's also not super expensive. It's also on sale at Ulta right now, so I bought a tube. Yay.

These Sneakers That I Swear Aren't That Ugly
Okay, listen. I am very, very limited on what shoes I can wear right now so I finally caved and ordered a pair of Birkenstock Bend Low sneakers. I love Birk sandals but always thought the shoes were too Hobbity for my taste. Well, I stand corrected. I ordered a 39 (my normal Birkenstock size) and a 40 because some reviews said they run a bit short. They both fit, but my toes were just about hitting the front in the 39s, so I am keeping the 40s. They are slightly Hobbity but they're reasonably cute and my sad foot has enough room and arch support, which is the important thing. 

This Sequel I Couldn't Put Down
I really thought I'd written about The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell on the blog but I guess I didn't? It's great - a creepy thriller about a family living in a mansion in London. It's got murder, multiple storylines, an unreliable narrator and a satisfying-but-not-quite ending. So, she wrote a sequel! It's called The Family Remains and y'all, I couldn't put it down. It's really satisfying and well-written and the characters are weird and flawed but (mostly) you really like them.

This Blush That's Very Satisfying.
I've been a big fan of all the Merit Beauty items I've purchased, even if the foundation stick broke almost immediately (I just shoved it back in the tube and kept using it.) it's great though - I just use it where I need it for a minimal foundation look and the highlighter is also nice - glowy without being glittery. But the Flush Balm blush! I just bought the new color Apres and it's so pretty - that perfect flushed look that I used to get from Benetint and it lasts all day. Plus, the weird little dome applicator is so satisfying and fun to use. I'm a fan. 

A Bonus Book That I Absolutely Loved
I finally got around to reading Killers of a Certain Age by Deanna Raybourn and it's great! Like, it's not the best thing I've ever read but it's such fun. This is the book to take to the beach or on a plane because it moves fast and is deeply entertaining (if not actually deep.) I think it would make a great movie or limited series and was casting it in my head the whole time I was reading it. (I mean, Jamie Lee Curtis would FOR SURE be in my version.) It's really fun and I enjoy reading about older women who are literal assassins but also worry about hot flashes. 

This Show You've Probably Already Watched
Have you watched Shrinking on Apple TV+? It's so freaking good, even if I struggle a bit with elderly Harrison Ford (only because it makes me feel old.) But he's funny! I love his curmudgeonly self. And Jason Segel is always reliably great as That Guy. I've loved him since Freaks and Geeks when he played the teen version of That Guy. And Jessica Williams is great! Her outfits, y'all. I should also mention that Brett Goldstein is one of the creators/writers and it really shows. It's so funny and relatable and has that brand of Ted Lasso kindness woven in that I really love. But... you've probably already watched it. 


  1. I feel like most of this post is (inadvertently) aimed at me! I have had an eye on Shrinking, but wondered if it is any good. I have been looking for comfortable, but not terrible sneakers (and I love all my Birkenstocks). And I really enjoyed/was immersed in The Family Upstairs, but didn't realize there was a sequel. So all of this is perfect timing on my end :)

    Killers of a Certain Age sounds like a more cheerful version of Gu Byeong-Mo's The Old Woman with the Knife. It's about a 65 year-old assassin who is feeling her age but not ready to retire. But it's more of a Park Chan-wook movie type, than a Jamie Lee Curtis limited series. (I enjoyed it though!)

    And yay for increased mobility - and may the healing continue apace!

    1. Thanks, Bekah! I’m glad this was all timely for you. 😃

  2. Shinking is so, so, funny with just enough poignancy to make me tear up or sniffle, but not enough to send me into an endless cycle of despair.


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