Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Outfit of the Day: I Got One Pair of Shoes.

Hello! I'm back wearing real shoes which is great. What's not great is that I have, like, one pair of work-appropriate shoes because I have to wear very supportive, stiff sneakers and I refuse to wear my stupid Hokas to work. So, my Birkenstock Bend Low sneakers are my only option right now. I like them but only having one pair of shoes to work with is really limiting. I spent some time trying on all my clothes to see what worked and came up with a few options:

Here I'm wearing my Lululemon On the Fly On the Fly pants (discontinued but the Athleta Brooklyn ankle are similar), a Madewell tee and my Quince sweater blazer. It's a pretty comfy look but still feels vaguely work-appropriate. 

I bought this crazy Veronica Beard Empire blazer on The RealReal  (available on Poshmark and a good deal here on TRR if you're a 12!) and I love it but it's kind of a lot, right? Heh. I am wearing it with a black COS tee, dark denim Madewell jeans and my new Anthro necklace which is such a fun way to un-boring a black tee. 

Okay, I only have one pair of skinny jeans these days but I still like them and wear them! I don't care what the youths say, they're still good. (This pair is older Madewell, of course.) I'm doing a sorta monochrome thing and wearing them with a navy silk Quince top, my Everlane oversize jacket, and my new Clare V Grande Fanny. It's a weird bag, but I'm enjoying it. 

Finally, I'm wearing my Birk sneakers with the dreamiest dream of a dress by  Veronica Beard. Unfortunately this dress belongs to Rent The Runway who is now dead to me because they freaking suck. When you do the monthly rental subscription you can buy items at a discount and they were offering this dress for 40%. For weeks it was 40% off but when I decided to buy it, they'd dropped it to only 20%. Yes, 20% off for a used dress that had been in the rental rotation for nearly three years. They refused to honor the previous price and I had a tantrum, cancelled my membership and sent them back all their shit. I am still mad about it. I wanted that damn dress. Ugh.  

This was not a story with a happy ending but I'm hoping I can find it on Poshmark or The RealReal and seriously please slap me if I ever try to join RTR again. The End.


  1. I loooove that Veronica Beard blazer! I’m sorry about the dress, too, because it’s great. I hope you can find it elsewhere. These are all excellent looks.

  2. Awesome to see you back again. Miss your posts.

  3. Sending you good vibes for dress finding. Exercise alllll those shopping muscles. Cute sneaks. And how do you have such great blazers?? These looks are terrific and make me think of spring.

  4. Thanks for the new post! Love the blazers. I completely understand the challenges of good looking footwear with problematic feet.

  5. You look fresh and fantastic in all of these!


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