Thursday, May 25, 2023

Take A Shopping Math Journey With Me.

You might think I'm just trying to influence you with my "stuff I want" picks but I'll have you know, I influence myself ALL THE TIME. Probably more than you know. Like, I was poking through the blog looking for something and scrolled down this post and was like, OH. I forgot about this KULE bag and now I might need it immediately:

It's got a cool-casual Vans summery thing going on, right? I dig it. Except I linked it back in January and now here we are in May and haha that stupid cute bag is completely sold out. It's also kind of small and expensive. Oh, they have a bigger tote:

I actually do need a big tote for the days I go into the office because currently I'm all strung about with a lunch bag, a small computer backpack, and a purse like some kind of office building pack mule. Anyway, I like it but it doesn't fit on the shoulder, it's $198 and it's striped, not checked. The heart wants what it wants, you know? The heart also wants it to cost less money. So I go a-searching. I find this:

Woof. I love this. It's leather and real cute but I'm not sure it can handle the level of crap I need to hoist up to my office and also, it is...not cheaper. No, it is not. It is actually, like, a lot more. It's $287 more than the KULE tote. Good God. So I keep looking:

Oh! This is so cute and it's got leather handles and a crossbody strap and it's $150, so I'm saving $48 if I get this one. Plus, it's handmade by women in Kenya, which is so cool. My only worry is that it's not structured enough but I like that it's got that Vans checkered thing going on, but slightly different. Huh. Hm. I wonder...

HaHA. And now we come full circle. This one is, you guessed it, by Vans and it costs $55 so I am basically getting it for $7 when you use shopping math. (What do you mean, that's not how math works? Shopping math is is different from regular math. It's easier and more fun.) Anyway, I bought this one because it's big and cheap and really cute. It'll also probably weight 800lbs when I put all my crap in it and I'll end up mad all over again but what can you do. 


  1. Thank you for this important work. I also really like the zip top version of the Vans tote. A nice alternative to the slightly too preppy LL Bean bags. But! I simply do not need another bag! Or do I?! Glad to hear that I'm not the only one being influenced out here. Always appreciate your reccs and am grateful that you're still sharing in this space.

  2. Didn't you post about Portland Leather Goods once? I'm totally addicted now, and they have what you need. Any of it, all of it.

    1. I'm not sure if I have or not! I've been to the store in Portland and it's REALLY good.

  3. Shopping math is real. I have gone into a store, liked something expensive and then also bought something cheaper because it feels like better value to get TWO things for $X than one for $Y.

  4. Somehow I did not know that Vans made things other than shoes. Their checkerboard backpack is soooo good and I wants it.

  5. I always end up going back to my tried and true Kipling bag for work because it's so light. Give me a Vans X Kipling collab and I'd be in love.

  6. So great to have you back again. I believe in shopping math and I believe in you!

  7. Totes are The Way