Wednesday, March 22, 2023

I've Been Shoppy, Y'all.

Before I get started I just wanted to thank you all for your incredibly sweet and lovely comments on my last post. You're all the best and it was so fun to share my wedding with you all. 

Now. Let's get in it. Something about the cabin fever of working from home with an injury paired with a challenging new job has made me want ALL THE THINGS. ALL OF THEM RIGHT NOW. I SHALL FILL THIS STRESS-HOLE WITH GLORIOUS THINGS. YES. 

Ahem. This is to say that I've done some shopping. First, I finally caved to the AYR French Fry striped tee:

It showed up and I immediately wore it two days in a row, so I guess you could say I like it. It's too expensive but if you buy two tees you get 20% off which makes it slightly less too expensive. (I also got the Slushy tee in black which I'm still not 100% sure about but it's pretty good.) 

Has anyone tried the AYR jeans? Wait, don't tell me. I don't want to know. Next:

YES. I spoiled this on IG but yes, of course I bought the shiny red Birkenstocks even though I won't be able to wear them for a while. I was afraid they'd sell out and I NEEDED THEM REAL BAD. Marianne bought them first and I was all: 

They arrived and they are my new best friend. Sorry best friends, you've been replaced with shiny red German comfort sandals. Try harder, I guess. (At time of writing my bestie Kate had ordered them in the Madrid style, and bestie Ashley got the Gizeh version which means we got ourselves a proper Red Birk cult going. Join us!)

I also bought a new pair of Vuori Performance Joggers because my knee crutch has a velcro-lined pad which ripped holes in the inseams of all my comfy pants. I hate Velcro now, just FYI. A list of things with Velcro I hate: My air cast, my ice packs, my knee crutch. Velcro is ruining my life and my pants. Anyway, I bought the joggers in ruby heather because they were on sale and the color is good! Very cute. 

Speaking of Vuori, that Palisades rain jacket kept getting marked down and down and down and I finally snapped and bought it (after returning this one from Athleta because it didn't quite work for me, size-wise.) The Vuori jacket fits true to size, the details are excellent and the color is really pretty! Plus, you get 20% off on your first purchase, which I used.

Last thing! I bought something I'd had my eye on for ages because Marianne showed it to me last spring and I filed it away under ooh, maybe. When it came back in stock recently I just couldn't resist (and you get 20% off your first order if you sign up for the mailing list! How could I not?) Anyway, I got the perforated Clare V Grande Fanny:

It's so good! Very chic, holds more than you would think and the leather is gorgeous. The strap comes in two sizes (regular and long) and I got the regular because I assumed it would be fine and guess what, it was not fine. On the longest setting it was still all up in my boob grill so I emailed to see if I could exchange it and Clare V sent me the longer strap for free! I was delighted. Now I can wear it crossbody like a belt bag or around my waist (unlikely) or looser like a crossbody bag. It's going to be my excellent summer bag and I plan on having an excellent summer because this past winter has sucked. (Except for the wedding/Paris part. That was cool.) 


  1. Velcro is the worst. My knee brace wrecked my favorite pair of silky pajamas and I am still a little mad about it. And you have had to wear your brace/boot way longer than I did. So I support stress shopping! I think those Birkenstocks are absolutely you and they will bring you so much joy. And all the other things!

  2. Cross body bags get all up in my balcony and make me mental. My solution is to put the bag behind me and then place the strap above both boobs, so it crosses at clavicle height instead of going across the balcony and calling even more attention to it than it already gets. Oh, the agony of being blessed in the chest!

  3. Unfortunately, Ayr jeans are amazing and the only hard pants I wear. The pop was my gateway style, them I bought 2 more styles. Sizing is tricky, so I recommend the try before you buy option.
    I bought that Clare V bag last summer and thought it was stupid expensive but LOVED it. Worth every penny.
    And now I want red birks!

  4. Oh yay! I was having a shit week, needed a LGFTB post REAL BAD. Your wedding post was so cute and yes you enabled at least one purchase of shiny Birks.

  5. Ooo I love that tee! And those birks. All of it, actually!