Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gift Guide for People that Write This Blog.

A: So, if we did a gift guide I feel like it would really just be things we want for ourselves. Like, someone could totally buy me this:

House of Harlow Sunburst Necklace

M: Oh, I see no reason you shouldn't get that! Me, I'll take these, please:

Frye Veronica Shortie Boot

A: Those need to be yours. It would be a CHRISTMAS CRIME if they weren't.  I would like these boot which are out of stock everywhere and also really, really ridiculously expensive:

Coclico Windy Boot

A: But if someone really loved me enough they would track down a pair because boots = love.

M: God. I think those boots would make you a better person. My delicate toes would also like a pair of these, for winter hibernation purposes:
J. Crew Lodge Moccasin

A: Oh, those would be perfect for shuffling around the house in your robe. Very chic. I would very much like this iPad case in my life:

Kate Spade Glitterball iPad Sleeve

A: Also maybe an iPad to put in it. That would be nice.



M: Sorry, distracted. Anyway, I found The Perfect Coat. Perfect for all your Kate Lanphear dreams and honestly more me than my badass leather jacket:

Zara Leather Biker Coat

A: Guh. Nnuf. Unnf.

M: It hurts my feeeeeelings.

A: It's just mean, is what it is. Mean. We should both get this to make us feel better:

Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Eye Palette

M: If there is anything I love, it's an extreme party.

A: I know, right? I am still waiting to be invited to one. I would wear this:

Alice + Olivia Mona Sequined Dress

M: You are the sparkliest. I'll wear this:

Isabella Oliver Sequin Tunic Maternity Dress
A: Oooh. Pretty.

M: Here is something practical! I don't want to do a dumb diaper bag for this baby, and need something my husband would be okay carrying. Don't you think this little stripey backpack is sweet?

Baggu Sailor Striped Backpack

M: See? It's not ALL about me! This is for the BABY.

A: Oh, that is practical! And very unselfish of you. I also want a practical thing, this gym bag:

New Balance Performance Duffle

A: My Lululemon gym bag is an unwieldy disaster. (I know, I know.)

M: See? You are just looking out for your health.

A: Seriously, I am. I wish there were such a thing as a really cute gym bag that's also functional. I have Gym Bag Issues.

M: Poor bunny.

A: It's very sad for me.

M: I'll pray for your plight.

A: Alas.


  1. Wait. Baby? Did I miss a post somewhere?!! even if I am late with this, *happy dance* and a big congratulations!!!!!

    And I selfishly can't wait so see you style your preggo self. I need some tips!

  2. I love all this stuff. I am catching up on blog reading while baby sleeps and I also did a double take when I saw the Isabella Oliver dress. Then I saw the diaper bag and was like... whoa did I miss an announcement?! So happy for you!

  3. Whoa, what? Did I miss something or is this just your way of announcing it? Congrats!!

  4. I made a sneaky announcement in my last outfit post! Thanks, guys.

  5. I also have gym bag issues. I have a big unwieldy one, and I have tried a full size messenger bag that isn't so unwieldy but doesn't quite hold everything if I plan to shower at the gym. It is perfect if I am not showering, though.

  6. Oh wow. I totally failed to pick up on the maternity references, mainly because, though not pregnant, I enjoy wearing the odd maternity item for the comfort factor. All that to say: Congratulations!

  7. I'm a long time visitor and lurker, but I wanted to say congrats to Marianne, and ask if you guys had seen this:

  8. Congrats on news!

    I'm a fairly recent reader and love all these gifts. I'd be happy to buy them for you!

  9. Congrats! Was wondering why you were wearing maternity jeggings the other day but just thought they might be comfortable...assumed you probably looked your svelt self when preggers but just had a cute bump! Woo hoo! Two to share the spoplight. Exciting!

  10. Just in case you get that IPAD that sleeve is at TJMaxx!

  11. I want that gym bag and I don't even work out. I have bag issues - I've convinced myself I'm a "collector" of great bags.