Friday, December 21, 2012

Paltrow Wins Again

A: Goop Scrolldown!

M: I don't know how to say this...

A: You got me those sparkle boots for Christmas, didn't you.

M: I got them for ME. I love them. Don't yell.

A: This photo make me hate them less:

A: But still! I am not sold.

M: Look how happy she is! A happiness only glitter boots and the perfect red coat can buy.

A: Every single other thing about that outfit is perfection. Perfection! That red coat is romantic unicorn fairy love.

M: If you gave me that outfit I would spin around singing, Sound of Music-style.

A: It's really not fair. How come she gets to just be whoever she wants to be? How is she good at wearing everything?

M: Seriously, tomorrow she could come out in a Star Trek jumpsuit and I'd be works.

A: I mean, which Jackson did she steal those boots from? Tito? Jermaine? It shouldn't work.

M: Girl those are straight up Ziggy Stardust.

A: Goddammit, now I like them.

M: She always wins.

A: I'm still not convinced she's pulling them off.

M: That's okay. In 2014 when we're all wearing glitter boots and skinny jeans we'll barely remember this.

A: Ugh. Damn you, Paltrow.


  1. If it were legal to do so, I would marry that coat. On second thought, I think I will become a polygamist so I could also marry the bag.

  2. (shhhhh . . . . I kind of like the glitter boots! But I am wearing gold suede boots today, so maybe I am disqualified from giving an opinion?)

  3. I rarely disagree with y'all, but those boots were winning from the get-go!

  4. I hate her, yet I love her outfit. I am complex.