Friday, December 28, 2012

Like Therapy, But More Expensive.

A: I just had the most delightfully insane experience at the Armani makeup counter. Related: I now have a drag-queen level face. In a good way!

M: Ooooh! Sounds fun. What did they do?

A: Well, it started with concealer, which I'm always looking for. It was apparently a slow day because the makeup artist, who was SO NICE, did the corrector and concealer and then a little bronzer. Then eye shadow. Then highlighter. Then mascara. Then a different blush. Then more eye shadow. Then lip liner. Then a THIRD blush. Then lip gloss. I have a lot of makeup on but it looks really good and I did buy the (fucking expensive) concealer. And she gave samples and when I changed my address in the Saks system she sang, "Weeeee are neighbors!" She totally lives in my apartment complex. Heh.

M: You are cracking me up. It sounds exciting!

A: I think we got married in there somewhere?

M: Oh yeah, you are married.

A: I just looked up reviews of the concealer and was relieved to see it got high marks.

M: Oh, good!

A: My eyes look ridiculous. Ridiculous! I keep trying to take a photo for you but it's not working.

M: I love ridiculous eyes! Eye makeup is so hard to photograph though.

A: And she very gently told me what I was doing wrong with my eye makeup but was so nice about it that I was grateful? I am such a sucker for this shit.

M: Heeee.

A: It's like therapy except you get to walk out all pretty.

Note: While I do not recommend spending this much money on concealer I admit this one is pretty damn good.


  1. What were you doing wrong with your eye makeup? I never wear eye makeup, but I am seriously considering starting, and I am sure that whatever you (or anyone) can possibly do wrong- that is what I will be doing, so what is it that you were doing wrong? I am trying to be preemptive.

    1. Hi! So, apparently my lazy habit of just wearing a single color across my lid is wrong. I should be wearing a light color on my eyelid and using a darker color in the crease to create the appearance of bigger, more awesome eyes or something. I have yet to be able to recreate her technique, though.

  2. I always think I am trying something different with my eye makeup, but it has pretty much looked the same since I was fourteen.