Monday, January 24, 2022

Monday Mood: Weekend Shopping Report.

I shopped this weekend! In a store! Okay, it was REI which barely counts but I had a gift card and a Vuori obsession and I wanted to try things on. I tried on every single style of Vuori leggings and jogger they had in store:

Daily Legging:  I love the drawstring and they were really comfy but I like a bit more compression in my leggings. They were soft and comfortable though. I would wear these for lounging purposes but probably not for the gym. 

Clean Elevation legging:  These felt more like gym leggings and were very nice, with a bit of compression but felt too similar to my Beyond Yoga leggings. Also, they run small (at least they did on me.) 

Daily Jogger:  I was excited to try these - a jogger that fits like a legging. However, these were not good on me. Tight at the top and looser at the bottom might look cute on some people but on me they were tight in all the wrong places. I kind of wanted them to be leggings with jogger details, I guess.

Performance Jogger: This is what I came for and this is what I bought! They are SO comfy and soft and definitely cute enough to wear out of the house. I got the dark camo because they were the best. I wore them for the rest of the weekend. 

I also tried on this Energy Top which was cute and made of that nice Vuori material and it had the higher neck that I like for working out, but I don't know that I loved it enough to pay full price.  

Now, because the Athleta rack was right there, I tried on these Salutation camo joggers for comparisons. Y'all. I was straight horrified. They are SO unflattering! The pockets do weird things to your hips and they don't even look good on the model. Nope. It's a shame because I super-love the Salutation Stash Pocket leggings. I also found this Uptempo tank which is on sale and it was lovely:

Silky and light and hangs perfectly. The amount of restraint I had in putting this tank back on the rack should be commended. But, I did not need it so back it went. Boo. Honestly, I was more tempted by this Athleta tank than the Vuori version and not just because of the price difference. It just seemed more flattering. 

That's it for my weekend shopping! Not super exciting but I'm very pleased with my softy-soft new Vuori joggers. 


  1. I have the same vuori joggers (also in the dark camo) and LOVE them. They are my favorite jogger. For warmer weather, I also love the Lux Harem pants. Comfy, cute and cool.

    1. To be fair, I have a bit of a vuori problem as I have many joggers and tanks and a few other items.