Thursday, January 6, 2022

Outfit of the Day: My WFH Secret. (Spoiler: It's Fancy Sweatshirts.)

I realized not long ago that my work-from-home outfits all had a similar lean: Sweatshirts. Heh. It's more like, let's be comfortable but also be able to answer the front door if someone knocks. It's all fun and games working in your pajamas until you have to sign for a package, you know? I also feel more like a human person if I make a tiny bit of effort every day, so I try to wear a little makeup, do my hair and wear a piece of jewelry. It makes me feel less like a home-bound swamp creature. Anyway, here are three recent work-from-home outfits featuring, um, pretty nice sweatshirts:

Y'all are familiar with my Madewell Boyjeans and my beloved Birkenstock clogs, so let's talk about my sweatshirt. It's the Vuori Halo Crew and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. SO MUCH. SO MUCH. I wear it all the time because it's just perfect - soft, slightly cropped (but not obnoxiously so), loose but not sloppy, comfy as hell and just kind of looks...nice? No matter what? I hate how expensive it is but it was worth every penny. 

My necklace is some dumb Capricorn pendant by Kendra Scott that I found at Nordstrom Rack a while back and felt compelled to buy. It's nicely chunky and came with a couple of jangly charms that I removed. I'm also wearing my Madewell freshwater pearl earrings that are now sold out (but I told you to buy them a while back, so don't yell.) They're surprisingly nice! They do still have this freshwater pearl style still in stock which I think are really cute. 

Hi! I am wearing my favorite basic sweatshirt from Quince (def a more traditional cut, but so cozy) and my Athleta Headlands Hybrid moto tights, both of which I've already talked about a lot. I was mostly excited to tell you about my Rothy's The Chelsea in Wildcat but they've already sold out. Jerks. I will admit that I was a fan of Rothy's flats for a minute but they stopped being comfortable (so sweaty!) so I sold them. 

Meanwhile, I had a bunch of credits just sitting (erm, my link will get you $20 off, I get credits, etc.) and discovered they had some items on sale after Christmas so I bought The Chelsea boots with my credits expecting to hate them. Um, I love them. The secret is, I can wear socks with them so my feet don't get gross. Naturally, that sale section completely vanished but you can definitely find them NIB on eBay or Posh. Or, you can buy this cute version by Ryka or these Dr Scholl's booties or these cuties by Dolce Vita

I'm wearing my Giles & Brother fish hook necklace that I've had for a million years. Still a favorite. 

Okay, this looks positively dressy by comparison! I know I've written about my Varley Cleon sweatshirt before (review here) but y'all, it's on sale! Also here! It's so, so good - really more of a heavy top than a sweatshirt and it looks really refined and dressy. I also love it in the lavender/grey color.  I'm wearing it with my Athleta Chelsea Cargo pants (I'm wearing the unlined version) and my Everlane Day Glove flats

Final necklace roundup: I'm wearing my tiny Gorjana gemstone necklace and my little bird skull pendant from Paxton Gate. That's it! Three outfits, three...sweatshirts. THEY ARE ALL TOTALLY DIFFERENT AND NICE. I mean, right? Humor me. 


  1. This is me except I would never wear jeans at home. :-D

    1. They aren’t high-rise! This makes them (barely) acceptable for home use. 😂

    2. I am barely business up top these days and sweats or pajamas on the bottom. I have embraced my home-bound swamp creature existence.

      Also, I put that Gorjana necklace on my wishlist and nobody bought it for me. There's only one thing to do.

  2. I keep telling myself that I don't need any more sweatshirts but with the sale price on that one from Quince I've got to try it!

    1. The Quince sweatshirt is not fancy but I, um, have three of them. Very cozy and good.