Friday, January 21, 2022

Weekend Window Shopping: Stuff I Want, Stuff I Bought.

How are short weeks somehow the longest weeks? Anyway, it's Friday now and here are some things I'd love to buy and also a few things I already bought:

I bought this striped COS tee in Santa Barbara and wore it immediately. It's basically perfect.

Speaking of striped things, Marianne told me about this Target swimsuit that's $35! 
You might ask: Why do we need swimsuits in January? Stay tuned.

I need another bag like a hole in the head but this Clare V is on sale and it's hurting my feelings. 

The labradorite version of my little blue Gorjana necklace has been taunting me. Hmm. 

Why don't I have grey boots? WHY DON'T I INDEED.

I have a gift card burning a Vuori camo jogger hole in my pocket. These will be mine. 

I bought this retinol eye cream from Quince a while back and it's quite nice and not expensive. I find the pump to be aggressive so I use the extra on the back of my aged crone hands. Win-win.

Finally, this beautiful AllSaints leather jacket is 30% off. Why. WHY. Why do I do this to myself. 


  1. Ok, I'm biting; how does the sizing run in that COS t-shirt? Oversized? Can you show us?? Pleeaassseeee.....

    1. I got a medium! It's a bit oversized but in a good way. And it's long! I'll post an outfit next week. :)

  2. That necklace is already sold out. :(

    Also, I’m eyeballing those camo joggers too. I can’t explain my love for camo but I want it all.

    1. Drat, thank you! I switched it out with another one I like. I want all the camo things, totally.

  3. I paid full price for the Vuori joggers and honestly they're worth it, just do it.


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