Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Stuff I Like: What's Keeping Me Sane.

Ugh, you guys. This has been the longest amount of time doing nothing except healing. I could write an incredibly depressing post of all the stupid stuff I've had to buy that I didn't even know existed (foot elevation pillow! Cast toe cover!) but who even wants that stuff? Literally nobody. Be so glad if you don't need that stuff. Anyway, I am back to work soon but wanted to tell you what I've been doing to pass the time.

Fun Watching:

I had two friends recommend Wednesday to me on the same day and y'all, it is SO GOOD. It's technically a YA show but I feel like we've all grown up with the Addams Family, right? This spin-off is perfectly cast and very Tim Burton-y without being too over-the-top crazy. Some of the dialogue/story is pretty standard stuff but it's just so visually beautiful and Jenna Ortega's Wednesday is perfectly deadpan and weird and I can't get enough. Highly recommend.

We stumbled onto Letterkenny recently and OH MY GOD where has this show been my whole life? Why did nobody tell me? It's absurd, silly, quietly smart, and so f'ing funny we have to pause it because we're laughing so hard. It's probably not for everyone but I can't get enough. Figure it out

Hate Watching: 

Emily In Paris, season three is so dumb I can barely stand it but I'm mostly in it for the ridiculous outfits. I'm also in it for Sylvie who is fantastic and seems to be the only one that hasn't fallen under the Mary Sue spell that is Emily. WHY DOES EVERYONE LOVE EMILY. I DON'T GET IT. I also like Mindy, Luc and Julian, just FYI. But mostly I can't stand this show and still watch every episode. Ugh. 

Game Playing: 

I am not much of a video game person but we got a free subscription to Apple Arcade and have been completely obsessed with Sneaky Sasquatch. I like it because it's nerdy, non-violent and completely low-stakes. The graphics are really clever and it's just a fun long-form game. My Sasquatch has built an island campground, collects mushrooms for profit, and has a pet dog named Pirko. It's a total time waster but I'm enjoying it. 

Currently Reading: 

The Villa
by Rachel Hawkins. This is the Bad on Paper Podcast book club pick this month and Marianne has already read (and loved) it so I decided to actually read the book club book in a timely manner for once. It's great so far. It has two timelines - one modern day with two writer friends vacationing at a villa in Italy, and the other in the 1970s, with a shady rockstar and his entourage staying at the same villa. Sex, drugs, rock 'n roll, murder, intrigue, etc. So far, so good. 

Just Ordered:

I caved and bought this Necessaire travel kit for blog science. I'm looking forward to finally trying out these products and I'll definitely report back once I've had a chance to use everything. (Also, a reader rec is making me want to try this set from Soft Services too! Stay tuned.) 

I also re-subscribed to the Allure Beauty Box (through Amazon this time) because the January box looks really good. I will most likely immediately cancel it again but while I'm trapped at home I can exfoliate, moisturize, and serum myself into happiness, right? Right.


  1. LOVED Wednesday! I'm actually going back and rewatching the movies with Christina Ricci as Wednesday :)

    My friend recently broke his ankle and he's stuck for 12 weeks of non-bearing weight... he's only 1 week into it and already stir crazy. Good luck... take it easy and just let your body heal!

  2. Letterkenny is SO GOOD! I got into a few years ago and it is one of those shows that I have to sit and watch without distraction because you can miss a zinger. I love it.

  3. So happy to have a comedy rec! I just can't watch anything dark in these gray cold days. And I wanted to mention that I read The Southern Book Club's Guide to Killing Vampires and it was so scary! I had to put it down after sunset and read Terry Pratchett instead. But really good too.

    1. Oh! Terry Pratchett is always an excellent choice. I love his books so much.

  4. I've slowly become addicted to NĂ©cessaire. At first the products seem kinda boring, but just wait.

  5. I got sucked in and subscribed to the Allure beauty box! It does look like a good one and is a great deal with that code. Thank you for sharing! I will prob cancel next month lol.

  6. Oh, I treated myself to a bottle of Necessaire body wash in Sandlewood right after Thanksgiving, when I was supposed to be shopping for Christmas gifts for others—Oops! I love it. Then I ordered a bottle of the body wash in the Bergamot scent when Sephora had a little sale. Can’t wait to try it next! I’ve not tried any of the lotion but have heard it’s good too. I really want to read The Villa! My library always has a long waiting list for new releases, so I may have to order it on my Kindle. It sounds good!

  7. God, Emily, ugh! I too have seen them all. I even think their clothes are embarrassing. I pretend to myself that i only watch for Sylvie- who really is inspiring.