Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Adrien: Forever Pants

I ventured into Anthropologie a few weeks back out of sheer boredom and felt pretty safe in the knowledge that I wouldn't find anything to tempt me. And...that didn't really work out. I have wanted some non-denim, non-black skinny pants for a while and was pleased to find a pair of cranberry red cords on the sale rack. I tried them on and hey, they were pretty good. When I told the sales lady I was taking them she said, "Oh, those are a good choice. You'll be able to wear those for years to come."

Really, lady? YEARS to come? I am pretty sure I won't be wearing cranberry red skinny cords ten years from now, but for now they're making me pretty happy. (Seriously, that was a weird thing to say, right? These aren't investment pants.)

Anyway, here's how I wore them earlier in the week:


pants: Pilcro Stet Slim cord (similar and spring version)
sweater: Gap (similar, nicer similar)
shoes: Frye Lisa (updated version)
necklace: Ann Taylor (similar, also here)
bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo


  1. Love them! They look so cozy!
    You probably will be able to wear them "for years to come" but yeah, they're just pants. Silly.

    I got some red skinnies a while back and I have NO idea how to wear them. They're not as muted as yours so I feel like a tomato. So glaring. I gotta figure something out.

  2. These are so so cute. But I am cracking up at "years to come". REALLY? Also, you should probably try the Pilcro Stet boot cut, because they are my favorites.

  3. Maybe she is predicting you will remain gorgeous and fit. While you may be able to wear, you may not want to. Either that or she hates to shop and only buys pants every 10 years. Either way they look great on you.

  4. Ok those pants are very cute and you look awesome in them. But the forever pants thing is just bizarre. They're very on trend and I'm sure they will be for a while but forever is reaching!

  5. It's not even that we're trying that hard to sell you things! We just say silly things all the time because... what else should I say to strangers???? (Note: if you are in my fitting room and the clothes are not at all working for you, I will suggest something else.)