Thursday, March 29, 2012

Marianne: Fine, I want to be an Olsen Twin.

I love a good t-shirt, and I love getting things in the mail and apparently? I love the Olsen twins a little bit. So I was more than intrigued to try something from Stylemint. The t-shirts are already pretty reasonably priced, but when a 25% off and free shipping code landed in my inbox, I jumped at the chance to get the Charlton Tee for just $20.

I love the red polkadot print and the sharkbite hem. What I don't love is that I ordered a size too big. I was skeptical that I would actually take a size 3, and ordered the size 4, which is far too voluminous on me. It's really comfortable but I can't say it's the MOST flattering thing I own.
The best part is my Stylemint package came with some extra treats! A Josie Maran Lip Marker with Argan Oil Stick in Waltz. It's a $20 value right there! And while it's a mouthful of words to say, it's a fantastic product. The marker really is like a marker, and stains your lips with the perfect berry pink. Then the Argan Stick smooths everything out. It has great staying power. I never would have tried it and now it's a product I will buy again, so well done Stylemint!

As for the tops, I don't think I'll be "subscribing" to the t-shirt delivery, but I'd probably try them again. Have any of you tried Stylemint? What did you think of the style quiz?


  1. I've totally wanted to try them out. I don't like subscription services for anything but my Sunday paper and magazines. If I can do a one time order to "try it", I may just bite. Your tee is totally cute. Do you think it will shrink up if you toss it in the dryer for a bit?

  2. I like the cut of the shirt- the length is so much more successful than the usual cut of these things! I haven't ventured into stylemint territory yet, but I love the packaging...

  3. I am a member of Jewelmint - got my first piece for like $9, and just caved and bought another for $25.. seems like there are always coupons if you sign up for emails and look hard enough. I like it, but you have to remember to skip during the first 5 days of the month to avoid being charged - I discovered that you can still buy something later if you want it, even if you skip a month. I've found the jewelry to be good quality. I actually reviewed my first purchase here if you're interested!

    I like that shirt on you... I wonder if you could give the illusion of making it more fitted by layering on a more fitted cardigan? Jealous of your lip marker - I wanna try it! They have a Beautymint and a Shoemint, too, but those didn't really appeal to me.

  4. I love Stylemint and have several of their pieces. Found myself in the same boat as you with regards to sizes - couldn't believe I'd be a 3, got a 4, it was huge. But now that I know the size, I find them remarkably consistent across styles. Lucky you with the lip marker! I got a great tote bag from them with one of my orders.


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