Tuesday, April 20, 2021

BUY THIS: A Little Bit of Stress-Shopping!

Hello! Hi! I am back in the world of the living, West Coast version. We are camping in our new house with a borrowed air mattress and almost nothing else, but I have internet so I'm good to go. (Our furniture won't arrive until this weekend.)

I packed my big suitcase for the drive out and for the week or so after and I am not sure what kind of alien being took over my body during that process but apparently I just assumed I'd be wearing pajamas for two weeks? It's a sad situation so when Madewell sent me an email all, "30% off sale" I was like YES PLEASE SEND ME CUTE CLOTHES BECAUSE THIS COLLECTION OF SAGGY TEES AIN'T IT.

I just ordered this:

Now, the sleeves are a lot lot lot but I feel like maybe I can pull it off? We'll see. I also ordered this:

Because yes, it's black, but it's floaty pretty springtime black. Heh. I also really wanted this one:

But I suspect it will not work with my DD chest. I always want stuff like this to look cute on me but it never really does. I might try it on when I'm returning whatever doesn't work.  I also thought this was really cute but maybe not quite my style:

It has potential though, right? Again, it's something I'd have to try on first, but it's awfully pretty. I'll report back when I get the first two tops! Hopefully I'll have a mirror by then too. Sob. 


  1. ugh, moving is so hard! And I've never done it cross-country. I remember carefully packing a box with a fresh can of coffee, cups, the coffeemaker, even milk and sugar - AND THEN BEING UNABLE TO FIND A CAN OPENER. Those tops are all cute and I hope you enjoy your first packages at your new digs!

  2. Glad you are there safe and sound! I look forward to your review of these tops- esp. the leopard print one, and maybe some pics of your new space? I'm super-curious/nosy :D

    1. As soon as our furniture arrives and we've unpacked, I'll definitely post up some photos.

  3. I have fond memories (now) of dining off an ironing board for a couple of weeks.

    Good for you for giving yourself some cute tops to look forward to. I'm having trouble justifying such a purchase as I remember my stack from last summer, but I'll probably manage an addition or two...

    Hope everyone and the cat gets settled and comfortable soon!