Thursday, April 29, 2021

We Discuss: Puffed Sleeves and Sad Sacks.

A: I already know the answer to this but here's the dress:

A: Please excuse my face, I'm sick.

M: Not your dress.

M: It looks huge on you but also just kind of sad.


A: I had such high hopes for it.

A: It’s too big on top - I have narrow shoulders and it’s just a big sad sack.

M: I was in Loft today (which you know) and there was cute stuff for sure.

A: Ah, Loft! this looks good:

That is really cute

A: Your sweet new dress comes in a solid pink but it’s not my color:

M: Yeah no

A: I should go shopping in person next week. What an idea! 

M: I love this:

A: That has potential!


M: Are you ready to see a garment that made me uncontrollably lol

A: Always

M: This

A: That is…intense

M: I mean wow

A: Anne Shirley approves

M: It’s just everything you don’t want/need in a puffer coat

A: Literally EVERYTHING. Too cropped, too puffy, you can’t put your arms down.

M: Who is this FOR? What occasion? What weather?

A: It is for exactly 59 degrees and sunny and you’re going to some kind of hipster picnic.

M: That said, some very cute tees and sweatshirts at Clare V.

A: I just bought two tops from Madewell that I’m sure will look bad on me so I am set.

M: heh

A: Okay, I do love the tiger sweatshirt:

M: I mean it’s all overpriced

A: And look as this slouchy delight:

A: And this is cute as hell:

A: But. $100 tee? Eh.

M: Yeah. No. 

A: Danger zone! Good bye.


  1. I went IN-PERSON shopping at Loft last week and found all kinds of cute, floaty, summer-y things I needed to buy. I often forget about Loft and then they go and surprise me whenever I remember they exist.

    1. Same! I really want to go check it out in person.

  2. Loft has some cute stuff right now! I definitely miss being in the store to try on since their sizing is all over the place.

    I am not a fan of the smocked dresses showing up all over the place, though. I live in the south. I need floaty, not smocked.

    1. I lived through smocked dresses when I was a kid and I am never going back. Floaty only, pls.


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