Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Review: Helly Hansen Kirkwall II and Belfast Raincoats.

As I mentioned last week, I panic-purchased two Helly Hansen Raincoats from Amazon - the Kirkwall II Raincoat and the Belfast Long Rain Jacket (they also make an insulated version) both in navy blue. 

I sized up for both and hooray, they both fit! And I liked things about both of them! And didn't like things about both of them! 

First, the Kirkwall II

This is a classic trench-style raincoat and it's extremely well-made and most definitely waterproof. The navy was a good, dark blue and it had rose gold snaps which I though gave it a bit of style. It fit me well and I liked that the sleeves has a snap so you can tighten up the cuffs. The hood is also perfect - not too shallow, not too deep, just right. 

Here's what I didn't like: the front snap pockets are the only pockets. WHY ON EARTH. No cozy hand pockets, no inside pockets, nothing. I also found the tie belt a bit short and it's irritating that the front closes with snaps only, no zipper. Result: I returned it. If it had hand pockets I probably would've kept it but every time I tried it on I attempted to put my hands in non-existent pockets. Nope. 

Now, the Belfast:

This one is more of a sporty style with an A-line cut. Overall excellent quality, it has fleece-lined hand pockets (THANK YOU), velcro cuff adjustments, and a sizable front zip pocket that easily fits a cell phone. Also, similar perfect hood - deep but not too deep. That white zipper, tho. I wanted to like it but it felt jarring every time I saw it and I wasn't crazy about any of the other colors offered for this jacket. Result: I returned it. If it had been on sale I probably would've kept it, but to pay full retail, I should absolutely love it. (I'm going to keep an eye out for a sale on this one.) 

I should say that even though I didn't end up keeping either of these rain coats, I do really like Helly Hansen! I love my Boyne Parka and I always keep an eye out for discounted styles on Nordstrom Rack. This HH short rain jacket looks like a good spring option, right? 

PS. I sent these pics to my friend Kate who dryly reminded me that I'd purchased a rain jacket from Athleta last spring. A jacket I'd completely forgotten I even own. (My bestie Kate: Saving me from myself for more than 20 years!)


  1. Kate is a real keeper unlike these jackets. Good luck with your move and getting settled!!

  2. If you want to get real fancy (yet effective), check out Arc'teryx.

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