Thursday, April 22, 2021

Another Impulse Candle Purchase.

 Before I left town I went to Bluemercury (in person!) with the intention of just buying my favorite moisturizer which I was nearly out of. 20 minutes later I left with my moisturizer, a bunch of fancy candles and a very sweet sample bag. Apparently it had been too long since I got to shop in a store in person and I couldn't handle it. But, I am very happy with what I bought and I figured a new house deserves a couple of fancy candles, right? Sure. 

I've raved about Lafco candles before and the Rosemary Eucalyptus is a favorite. It's very green and herbal and not sweet at all, which I appreciate. Plus, the handblown container is gorgeous. I also got:

Champagne is gingery and fruity and smells like an understated celebration-in-a-candle (or something like that. I don't work for you, Lafco. But call me!) Most of the candles come in a few sizes and they also have a customizable discovery trio of minis which is a nice way to try them out. Pro tip: foil tent those babies to make them last longer!

If you're tempted, you can go through my link for $15 off a purchase of $100+ (full disclosure, I also get $15 credit.) Finally, because we know you all aren't necessarily looking to spend big bucks on fancy candles, Marianne's latest Target fav is this one:

She said it’s very pineapple forward with a little herbiness thrown in, not an intense throw but just really nice and fresh. And the huge 3-wick candle is all of $10!

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