Thursday, July 7, 2022

Outfit of the Day: Cheap and Cheerful.

 I pretty much swore off fast fashion a few years back but every now and then Target pulls me back in. They just do such a good job of offering current styles dirt cheap and sometimes it's impossible to resist. I went recently to buy boring things and walked out with the cutest $25 dress:

Because I'm the actual worst blogger I waited too long to post it and now it's basically sold out (I'm sorry!) but a few sizes have popped back in so keep checking if you like it. Now, this dress is not the most amazing thing I've ever owned but for $25 it's a great cheap-and-cheerful option that is really easy to wear. Here's a better look at the details: 

Like a cute potato sack! You can wear a real bra and everything. For something similar, I thought this dress looked like a good option in white and this one is such a good color and is linen! I also still have my eye on this dress which I posted last week.  Oh, one more! This one at Nordstrom is a very similar shape and comes in a bunch of prints. My white sneakers are Madewell, similar to this pair

Okay! I am ready to leave the house now. I'm wearing my Level 99 denim jacket from last year (though I have my eye on this one.) My red Rebecca Minkoff bag is also a purchase from last summer and it's sold out but someone please snap up this one at the RealReal! That's a steal. I also love this red Minkoff bag at Yoox and  this red quilted bag at Marshalls. So many red bags, so little time. 

Am I a hat person now? I'm attempting to be. I'm finally showing you my Madewell packable hat which I'm so glad I bought. If you're not a hat person but want to be, this one is easy and cute and currently on sale to boot. Here's a creepy close-up of my jewelry:

I'm wearing my Gorjana Parker Gem and my Compass Coin necklaces. I love them together, obviously, since I keep showing them to you over and over again. I'm such a good influencer - a bunch of stuff from last year and a sold out dress. Gold star. 

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