Monday, November 29, 2010

Adrien: Denim at work.

I'm not allowed to wear jeans to work, but nobody said anything about denim skirts, so I've been gradually sneaking it in. Last week I decided I wanted to wear my languishing denim pencil skirt, but I felt like I should hide the more jean-like elements. Thus, I paired it with a sweater so frumpy and boring that I almost didn't post the outfit when I saw the pictures. See, kids? I screw up all the time. That's why you love me, right? Because I'm not afraid to make you shake your heads in awe at my poor judgment.

Anyway, here you go:

Right? Snore. But, this one cracked me up:


And here I am trying to class up the joint:

sweater: Banana Republic (You want one like it? Really? If you must, go here.)
skirt: Old Navy denim pencil skirt
boots: via eBay (similar)
coat: Banana Republic classic trench
scarf: Ross (similar)


  1. I actually love that sweater. Does that make me a freak?

  2. ... I like the sweater too. The sweater link is broken. Are you trying to tell us something?

  3. Not a freak! I just felt like I could've been more creative. The sweater just read kind of dull to me, but you two make me feel a little better about it.