Monday, November 15, 2010

Give (in) and Get.

You know how I am, I cannot pass up a 30% off deal, so when I got my coupon for the Gap/Banana Republic Give & Get promotion I started a-planning. I honestly didn't need much except for the workout jacket I posted about already and a pair of work-appropriate pants. I made a trip to both stores and here's what I got at Banana Republic:


Seriously, what in the hell is going on over there? This used to be my go-to store but I have been completely uninspired for most of the year and the fall offerings are so meh. I didn't even try anything on.

Also, I had a coveted Piperlime code and could not find one single solitary pair of shoes that I truly coveted (and could afford.) I feel like a failure.

But the Gap? The Gap has been bringing it lately. When you walk in there's a whole collection of mannequins all up in your face wearing waxed skinny jeans, blousy tops with studded belts and tweedy moto jackets and it's just so freaking RIGHT that it kills me dead. I want all of it but I am mostly too old for that action. However, I did find a nice, boring pair of work pants:

Dress Pants by Gap at ShopStyle

I also gave in a little to the glam rock thing they are pushing and bought a black belt with gold studs. It's unhelpfully not on the website.

Finally,  I bought my favorite cowlneck top in a NON-STRIPEY COLOR:

Plus Tops by Gap at ShopStyle

That is not the color I bought though. Mine is plum. (Stupid Gap website.) Be proud of me that I did not buy one single thing with stripes on it. Not one.

So tell me, did you take advantage of the sale? What did you get?


  1. You didn't get the skirt? I gave in and got the square print pleated skirt. It's shorter than I usually wear but figure with boots and tights it might work. We'll see.

  2. Oh, I did! I just wrote this on Friday and ordered the skirt Sunday night. I'll review it when it arrives.

  3. Yay! It will look great on you.

  4. I scored a kickass cashmere cardigan at the gap in October - which, I know, was last month, but I'm still excited. I used a %40 off coupon so really it was a steal. It's charcoal grey, soft as kittens, and the perfect length. Epic win.

  5. I am totally with you on BR. It used to be my go-to store for sure, but the sizing seems to have changed or something. I like the styles, but I am not 5'10" & 120lb so BR doesn't seem interested in selling me anything anymore. :-P

    Meanwhile, I too am buying more @ Gap. I also bought the plum cowlneck top!Did you happen to try on the striped versions? Look great on the hanger and in the picture....but on me the stripes did an over/under thing around b00bs....not a good look for the endowed. ;-)

  6. I went to Old Navy for the Give and Get thing to stock up on some basics. I got this cable cardigan ( in a boring oatmeal color that isn't shown on the website for some reason. I figure it'll go with just about anything and keep me warm at work. I also got 2 lace-trim tanks and 2 long-sleeve scoopneck shirts — all for $37-something! Yay!

  7. Agreed on Banana, but I did manage to find quite a few things from Piperlime. I am desperate for a pair of brown leather boots, so I ordered three pairs in the hopes that one will work. Plus some other shoes that I totally didn't need. Whoops.

  8. I am completely with you - Gap and BR have flipped for me lately in terms of wearable, flattering basics. What's up with all BR's dresses being so short lately??

    I just picked up a couple of things during G&G: the same cowlneck top you got, but in white (I also have the cream & black striped version), and the Tri-Blend Cowl in oatmeal - I have it in blue and it's a magically slimming, super-soft delight of a top.

  9. Oh, I did. I bought a gorgy dress for work at BR.

    this one.