Friday, November 12, 2010

Marianne: Great deal...or is it?

Y'all, I have scored possibly the best deal of the blog to date. Adrien might challenge me, but it's pretty damn good. See, I found these nearly $400 Charles David Rowdy boots for...$16.

Charles David at ShopStyle
The catch? Yeah, they are a little beat up. Obviously worn before. And they are missing the removable bottom strap. I found them at a local store that is a little odd. I am pretty sure they sell returns from places like Nordstrom, and you know what they say: Nordstrom will take ANYTHING back. But I have to say, in this case the extra wear just made them that much more beat up and awesome.
I seriously wish you could feel the leather. It's so buttery soft it's almost creepy.
And the red zipper tape up the back! Totally my favorite part.
But take a closer look, would you? Do you see it?
That's right. After a couple of hours of wearing the boots, I couldn't help but notice that I was walking funny. Almost listing off to the left. And what do you know, THE HEELS ARE DIFFERENT HEIGHTS. What the HELL?
Okay, deep breath. They are still amazing boots and the deal cannot be beat. So, off I go to my trusty shoe guy.
To be continued...


  1. My new brown boots from Target (that actually fit my calves!) have that same red zipper tape up the back! It's my favorite detail too.

    Now that is weird about the different heel heights. I'm guessing the previous owner had one of them lowered/increased because of a short leg or something? Hope you can get it fixed!!!

  2. The picture of the different heels made me laugh so hard.

  3. I once bought shoes from a flea market guy who had all these amazing brands, only to find that every pair was mismatched and usually half a size different. WTF?

  4. That is hilarious! Still a great deal though, your shoe guy will definitely be able to fix that!

  5. MQ--my shoe guy is a magician! He can do it.

    Meg--SO GLAD I could bring you joy in my time of stumpy sadness.

    Em--how does that even happen? I want to know, for real.

    Lara--I'm glad you still think it's a good deal. My husband thinks I'm a little nuts.

  6. That is absolutely hysterical. But for $16, I'm sure it will be worth the cost of having your shoe guy do his thing.

  7. Yes, you are nuts. Yes, that is an absolutely hilarious story. I'm so glad you posted a photo to show the difference in heel heights without warning. I laughed so hard! Still a good deal, for sure. Can your shoe guy add the cool strap that is missing?


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