Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Marianne: Jeggings Part II: THE JEGGINING

First off, in case you missed it yesterday, there is a TON of new stuff in the shop.
Now, when I last left you, I had finally jumped on the jegging train. I fought it and fought it and then I decided to just let it wash over me. And so, on Mich's advice, I went to LOFT and tried on their much better named Denim Leggings. And lo, they were good, though I did size up from my normal size (however now they have stretched and are a tad bit saggy, but not so bad). And even better, the petite version is on sale for $14. Since I planned to wear them tucked into boots anyway, I snapped them up. And proceeded to wear them all weekend.
I am not normally one for cowboy boots (though I do own a perfectly broken-in pair, as you see), but Lulu had been invited to a "Boot Party", so I had to oblige.
I covet Lu's pink moccasin boots, though.
And then I busted out the jeggings again the next day, to run some rainy day errands.

All of my flat boots are at the shoe repair shop, so I pulled these out. What do you think? I think they are a bit "Frodo of the Shire", but they are comfortable.
So yeah. I fell for the jeggings hook, line, and sinker. Already thinking about buying another pair. I am SUCH a sucker.

sweater: Target (similar here)
scarf: vintage
jacket: DKNY (similar here)
denim leggings: LOFT
boots: Born
over-knee socks: Ilux Parker from OTTE


  1. Yay! They look so great on you, I'm glad you decided to get them. Love both looks for totally different reasons -- those boots in the top look are awesome.

  2. Come to the dark side, my friend!

  3. Once you start to wear denim leggings, there's no going back. They're so comfortable and you look great in them. I really like the look of the socks peaking out from the top of the boots. I need to buy some cute non-holey socks and try this.

    And the pink moccasins are so precious! I love baby shoes.

  4. The Frodo of the Shire boots rule. I want them! I normally can't wear short boots because they accentuate my thick calves, but I think this tall sock trick might solve the problem. Hmmm.

  5. I ran out at lunch today to try these on. Not only were they not $14 (closer to $60 - yikes!), they gapped at the waist on me. Sad. They look good on you and $14 is a steal!

  6. Roxy, thank you! Maybe I need to bust out the old cowboy boots more often.

    Amblus, hush.

    Mich, I am totally sold. Already stalking another pair or two. And these socks are pricey (for socks), but they are so fabulous and warm.

    LBC, they are a couple of years old, but maybe try eBay?

    Carly, boo! My LOFT only had the petite version on sale, but may have been a Veteran's Day deal.

  7. First of all - you are SO familiar to me, have we met? Second: EMAIL ME so I can get you your boots :) rebeccawoolf at gmail


  8. With those " skinny cowboy pants , cowboy boots and red flannel shirt; Roy Rogers, " The King of the Cowboys " lives ! Transvestism looks great on feminine women . Dale Evans' split riding skirt is now " history " !