Friday, November 19, 2010

Marianne: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

You guys all read Girls Gone Child already, right? I mean, who doesn't? I've been reading Rebecca Woolf's writing since I starting THINKING about getting pregnant, and she's inspiring in about 1700 different ways. So this is probably old news for you already, but I am pretty dang excited: I won this week's Good Wears giveaway! Meaning that I get a free pair of these sweet Minnetonka Moccasin Boots:

Meaning that the high pitched squeal you hear right now? That would be my inner 9-year-old girl. See, the second Lulu got these sweet pink moccasin boots I was reminded about how badly I wanted some when I was a wee thing. And now I'm getting some! IS THIS MAGIC I THINK SO.

Sorry, I had coffee today. Lots.

Anyway, I want to hear how you would style these fun boots! I am currently obsessed with jeggings, so I'm thinking slouchy over-knee socks, jeggings, and a cozy sweater. You know, basically my new uniform. You??

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  1. Whoa- so weird...I am reading your post and it just so happens that I can help you out cuz today I wore my black knee-high lace up Minnetonka boots!! CRAZINESS!! What I wore was a cute little red frock sort of dress with black and cream roses on it (hits mid-thigh area), paired it with a loose flowy black 3/4 sleeve cardi (I live in AZ), gray knee high socks on bare legs just peeking out of the top of my boots. Sooooo cute! Congrats on winning the boots- they are so fun-especially the color! (very jealous of Lulu's pink boots tho...HA!)
    PS- just noticed also that my profile pic shows off my little lovelies...just to be clear-this is not the dress I'm wearing the with right now-teehee!!!